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Relationships - Human Instinct and Need.

7/6/09 in Media   |   customercare31   |   470 respect

Relationships form the cornerstone of our lives. From the time we enter this world to the time we depart it -- we depend upon and are surrounded by people. Nothing describes this basic human instinct and need as the well-known phrase, 'No man is an island entire of itself.'

However, relationships are complex and complicated. How we approach and handle those relationships brings us ecstatic joy, happiness and peace of mind -- or sometimes pain and sorrow. We also show different sides of ourselves in all of our daily interactions -- in our romantic and intimate relationships, as parents, when we interact with our own parents; from each unique friendship to our business and professional connections. Some people bring out the best in us, some the worst. Why do we interact the way we do? How can we improve our relationships?

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8/28/09   |   Cobragirl   |   76 respect

I know about relationship with my students - they are my world.  Ignorant and pure - this is the relationship I enjoy with them.

8/27/09   |   naveed_choudhery

I like honest,truly,good and beautifull female friends

8/27/09   |   Everest8848   |   83 respect

Relationships will always be complex.