Report: Melo With Partially Torn Meniscus?

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Blog Photo - Report:  Melo With Partially Torn Meniscus?

After draining his knee Wednesday evening, Carmelo Anthony’s knee problems may be worse than previous speculations.  According to Frank Isola, one doctor said that fluid build up in the back of the knee is not normal with a "with a 100 percent normal knee.”  The doctor went on by saying, “The question is, where did the fluid come from? What is the source of the fluid? Something inside the knee produces that fluid, so what is going to stop the fluid from coming back?”
There are some that question why Melo decision to drain his knee at this point in the season, but Coach Woodson has come quickly to his superstar’s defense.  “Players know their bodies,” Woodson said. “You can’t sit there and second guess a guy. This is the time he decided to do it so we got to live with it and keep it moving.”
Melo has already missed 4 of the past 6 games and is considered day to day at this point.
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