Report: Wizards Offering John Wall $80 Million

Report: Wizards offering John Wall $80 million

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Blog Photo - Report:  Wizards Offering John Wall $80 Million
The Washington Wizards are expected to extend John Wall’s contract for another five years.  Sources say that the contract is worth as much as $80 million.  The former number one pick came into the league with a lot of hype, however, since joining a dysfunctional franchise recuperating from the Gilbert Arenas debacle and dealing with a serious knee surgery last year, has given many people the impression that Wall is not yet in the elite category.
But this contract may be totally justifiable.  Wall’s final 49 games last season - post-surgery - were absolutely electric.  The point guard posted 18.5 ppg, 7.6 asp, and 4.0 rpg.  Furthermore, Wall led the Wizards to a record that was greater than .500 in the final 49 games that he played for them.  In other words, the Wizards would have probably made the playoffs had he stayed healthy for 82 games. 
If the dynamic point guard can just stay healthy, the Wizards have some fantastic pieces to make a legitimate push for the playoffs this year; something they sorely need.
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