Report: Astros have been spending surplus on attending Rangers games

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Blog Photo - Report: Astros have been spending surplus on attending Rangers games
Astros' first baseman Carlos Peña waves to his favorite player,
Nelson Cruz, in hopes of getting an autograph.

Following the Forbes report which brought light to the fact that the Houston Astros, despite having both the worst record and lowest average attendance in baseball, will be the most profitable franchise in the sport in 2013, it has been uncovered that a vast majority of the team's surplus has been spent attending Rangers games. 

"Oh we are huge Rangers fans," admitted Astros' manager Bo Porter, "they play an entirely different brand of baseball than us, and frankly, it's very exciting. 

The Texas Rangers aren't just neighbors to the lowly Astros, they're 29 games ahead of them in the division. Meanwhile the Astros are taking notes and asking for autographs.

"They've got power, speed, metal cleats and everything," gushed Houston's first baseman Carlos Peña. "It's something you've got to witness in person to believe." 

And it would seem this sentiment is shared by the entire Houston Astros organization, who have spent much of the 99 million dollar profits from this season alone on luxury boxes for Rangers games, signed jerseys and balls from their favorite players, even a week-long baseball camp hosted by fan-favorite, Ian Kinsler.

"I learned so much at Ian Kinsler's baseball camp," reminisced a young boy named Marwin Gonzalez, who claimed to be the Astros' eldest middle infielder. "Ian stressed the fundamentals of the game while also teaching us fun tricks like sliding head first and the true meaning of RBI. And you can't put a price on that."

The Astros look forward to their late-September series against the Rangers where they are told they will only have to pay half price to enter the stadium. 

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