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Report: Drew Brees to miss out New Orleans Saints Work Outs if a new deal is not struck

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The New Orleans Saints 33 year old quarterback, Drew Brees is not one of the happiest players in the team right now.
New Orleans Times-Picayune man Jeff Duncan dropped a bombshell on the New Orleans Saints quarterback by saying that Drew Brees is not going to sign the New Orleans Saints franchise tender and will not be a part of the team in the offseason workout the coming month.
Drew Brees has a reason to be annoyed with the New Orleans Saints right now as it was reported by Adam Schefter from ESPN last week that the New Orleans Saints administration and Drew Brees were having troubles drawing up a new contract ffor him. Initially the contract that Drew Brees wanted would have made one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the League but the fact of the matter is that the New Orleans Saints are just not giving in. Drew Brees is looking for a contract that has a pay check compared to Peyton Manning, while the New Orleans Saints are offering the level of money compared to Tom Brady.
Still most people take sides with Drew Brees on this matter as the man has brought paramount success to the New Orleans Saints and brought immense success to the city of New Orleans and this pay bump is a well-deserved right for Drew Brees.
Still this was not reason enough for him to push the New Orleans Saints to this point and the fat pay check was something that Drew Brees could have let go but rather he selfishly stuck on to it and is coming off as a selfish player right now.
The New Orleans Saints are not in a position right now to be arguing with its players and the administration needs to sit down and work everything out. Even if this means that they New Orleans Saints would have to give the big pay bump that Drew Brees is looking for.
The fact of the matter is that Drew Brees has cornered the New Orleans Saints into a corner right now as the situation has left only two choices that either he will get what he wants or he is going to walk and this is definitely what the New Orleans Saints were expecting from him.
The New Orleans Saints need Drew Brees and would be completely lost on the field without him and the hard truth is that the New Orleans Saints cannot take any more bad press right now.
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3/10/12   |   seineliles

It's simple. He deserves top dollar 
because he is worth it. Pay the man.

3/10/12   |   tomschanley   |   1 respect

YOU PAY DREW.  What moron calls him selfish??  Give me a break.  The man broke the single season record.  He gave N.O. a freakin' Super Bowl!!  And now with this defensive "bounty" BS?  We're lucky he WANTS to come back.  YOU pay him!! PAY THE BEST QB IN THE NFL>>>  are we clear?