Report: Golden State Warriors bridge-and-tunneling to San Francisco

Report: Golden State Warriors set to dump Oakland for San Francisco

5/21/12 in NBA   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Blog Photo - Report: Golden State Warriors bridge-and-tunneling to San FranciscoMore sad sports franchise location news for the city of Oakland. With the Oakland A's already openly declaring they want to leave for San Jose and the Raiders' new owner having said "Los Angeles is a possibility," a report in the San Jose Mercury News scoops that the Golden State Warriors will soon announce their intent to move from Oakland to San Francisco.

The report says the move could be announced this week. No word on whether the franchise will be called the San Francisco Warriors, as they were from 1962 to 1971.

San Jose Mercury News blogger Adam Lauridsen broke the news Monday that the Warriors are moving to San Francisco, and plan to open a new San Francisco arena by 2017.

The Mercury News' ace sports reporter Tim Kawakami reached Warriors owner Joe Lacob for comment, and Lacob replied, "We are not prepared to make any announcements at this time."

That is about the strongest non-denying you will ever see in a non-denial. Lacob seems to anticipate that he will indeed be prepared to make an announcement at some time, once he gets his ducks, P's, and Q's in order.

The Warriors' new arena will reportedly be located at Piers 30-32 along the San Francisco bay front. That area, illustrated on the left, was set to be reconstructed to accommodate the America's Cup yacht race in 2013. Race planners dropped these piers from their plans though, and the Warriors are reportedly swooping in on the newly available real estate.

That geographic move would be cool in the sense that it would put the Warriors' arena right next to the Bay Bridge that is depicted on their current jerseys.

That geographic move is not cool, however, because of the way it jilts the Warriors' incredible Oakland fan base. If it ain't broke, as the saying goes, don't fix it. And the Warriors franchise attendance patterns at Oracle Arena in Oakland simply ain't broke.

Oakland fans have been exceptionally resilient and supportive of this perennially sorry franchise. Last year Golden State ranked tenth in overall NBA attendance, which is about where they usually rank.

That's pretty amazing for a franchise that has been to the playoffs just once in the last 18 seasons. The Warriors' 2012 attendance figures were actually better than those of the Boston Celtics and San Jose Spurs.

A huge percentage of those faithful Warriors fans will not be at all happy with the announcement of this move. And they will be none too kind the next time owner Joe Lacob grabs a microphone and asks them to stop booing.
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5/21/12   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

I personally hate seeing teams move... anywhere. As a fan, I hope they keep the "Golden State" part of their name if they do.

5/21/12   |   jaysinw   |   5039 respect

Seeing the Warriors move across the bay is not really as bad as moving across country, or 40 miles south like the A's may do in moving to San Jose. Fans could still use the BART to see the Warriors, down at Pier 31. Maybe they could extend Alcatraz and build an arena there. Love to hear people say we are here at the ROCK waiting for the game to start between the Lakers and our Golden State Warriors!!!!! No really I am not a big fan of 99% of the teams that move, so I would like to see the Warriors stay in Oakland.

5/21/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Just to clarify...  The bridge on the Warriors logo is the new single tower suspension that is replacing the eastern span.  Appropriate that the Oakland based Warriors have the silhouette of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
It has often been said that there are only 20,000 Warrior fans in the entire bay area and most of them are the same ones who show up at the games on a regular basis.

The Warriors moving into an area in SF wouldn't be nearly as much of a boom for the city as the new arena itself.  Right now with no arena of any kind in the City all the major events (concerts & such) find themselves in San Jose for sure, or if a 2nd venue is needed...  Oakland. 

5/21/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

As a SF resident (but not a Warriors fan) I can't say I'm unhappy about this. Will be nice to have a team a bit closer -- not that Oakland is far. That being said, the A's move is much more necessary. Coliseum is a depressing place to attend a baseball game.