Report: Kobe May Return in the Next Five Games

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For the first time in almost seven months, Kobe went 5-on-5 on Tuesday with the rest of his teammates. For the past week and a half, Kobe has been working on his lateral movements and explosion on the basketball court. 
"It felt good to compete, get moving around, play with my guys, play against my guys," Kobe said. "It feels good just to get out there and move. I think there's areas where it still needs to get stronger in terms of the jumping and being able to plant quickly and change directions and things like that. Those are areas where you just have to get stronger ... but I could adjust my game and play at a pretty high level right now."
One of the primary ways that Kobe will have to adjust his game is as a facilitator instead of just a scorer. Even at the age of 35, Kobe scored at will on his opponents last season. However, this season is entirely different, not so much because of his age, but because of his injury. Even as Kobe Bryant approaches the age of 36, he could score on anybody at will if he was healthy.
But now, no one knows what Kobe will look like in an actual game. "There's certain things that I used to do that I can't do now. I won't try to do them. You've got to figure out other ways. I just got to go with the flow and just react. If you have limitations, you have to be honest with yourself and self-assess. If you have those limitations you have to figure out a way to be effective around those. You can't be stubborn about it."
The good news is that after Kobe was asked for the millionth time if he would be returning some time this month which is the equivalent of 5 games, he responded, “Yeah, yeah I can.”
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