Report: Mavs looking to re-sign Bernard James as a free agent, after he clears waivers

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The Dallas Mavericks were reluctant to part ways with center Bernard James earlier this week when he was put on waivers by the team.  But the Dallas Mavericks wouldn’t necessarily have to lose Bernard James, who was initially waived to clear cap room for the Monta Ellis signing.
Bernard James cleared the 48 waivers process on Sunday, meaning no other team put in a claim to pick up the remainder of his minimum salary contract during that period. This was a bit unexpected since as a minimum salary player who had a solid rookie season, it was considered highly likely that Bernard James would be picked up on waivers by an under the cap team.
Now, Bernard James now becomes a free agent, but the Dallas Mavericks could still re-sign him to a new contract for next season, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. However, the Dallas Mavericks can only offer the Bernard James a minimum-level contract after using all of their cap space earlier this offseason.
“But now that James has cleared waivers, Mavs can & will re-sign him at league minimum, which is permissable after using all their cap space,” Marc Stein indicated via his twitter account.
This was a risky gamble for the Dallas Mavericks since Bernard James emerged as an athletic and developing big man following a solid rookie season in which he averaged 2.8 points in just under 10 minutes per game, and even won a handful of spot-starts. James Bernard also finished well around the rim when left open, aggressively rebounding and blocking shots last season.
Bernard James’ potential return could provide the Dallas Mavericks with some much needed depth in the front court.
However, after Bernard James cleared the waivers process this weekend, the Dallas Mavericks should currently have two roster spots to fill before the start of the regular season. The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly also considering bringing back Josh Akognon, who finished last season in Dallas after initially signing a 10-year contract and was most recently the team’s top scorer in the Summer League (17.5 PPG). Josh Akognon was also waived by the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday in a salary-cap related move, per ESPN’s Marc Stein.
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