Report: Tebow likely to play for Jaguars in 2013

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When the Denver Broncos were shopping Tim Tebow last season, the market was limited with only the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars willing to take on the polarizing quarterback and his circus of media following. But the Denver Broncos gave Tim Tebow a choice between the two teams and he opted for the New York Jets, seeing a real opportunity of contending for the starting quarterback.
Since then, Tim Tebow had little impact on the New York Jets’ offense, taking just 70 snaps and completing 6-of-8 passes for 39 yards this season. Additionally, Tim Tebow played his first entire series of the season with a start in Monday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans last Monday. But if Tim Tebow had any hopes of starting again this season, especially after No.1 quarterback Mark Sanchez was benched this week, he was snubbed for that role when third-string Greg McElroy bypassed Tebow for the New York Jets starting job.
 Now, the New York Jets are expected to trade or release Tim Tebow after this season, although Tebow seems to favor the second option and therefore become an unrestricted free agent free agent.
In that scenario, Tim Tebow could be heading to his hometown of Jacksonville, where the Blaine Gabbert experiment has proven abysmal (after he landed on the injured reserve on 21st November) and backup Chad Henne has been inconsistent taking the helm of an injury riddled offense. Besides, the Jacksonville Jaguars could use the starting experience of a quarterback who’s put a team like the Denver Broncos on the road to the playoffs and clinched an improbable first round-win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last postseason.
Tim Tebow’s prospects of starting with the team are also expected to be high with the Jacksonville Jaguars expected to hold an open quarterback competition for the job.
From a business perspective, the deal could turn up handsome profits for a new owner trying to revive the franchise. Shad Khan was going all in after Tim Tebow with a fourth-round pick and $3 million imbursement to compensate the guaranteed money Denver Broncos owed Tebow in 2012, but he lacked the backing of the coaching staff. However, things could have changed considering the Jacksonville Jaguars’ recent quarterback woes.
The former Heisman trophy winner and arguably Florida’s most famous athlete Tim Tebow could also help to drive his hometown fans to the stadium, after the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-15) saw a one of NFL’s worst attendance in a disappoint season and clearly out of the playoffs picture. Additionally, the Jacsonville Jaguars could use Tim Tebow’s media appeal to make a small-market team nationally relevant.
However, the bigger question for the Jacksonville Jaguars will remain If Tim Tebow has long-term franchise quarterback potential, or will he only hamper the team’s quest in finding a solution at the spot?
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