Report: Vikings looking to trade Percy Harvin

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDays after Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman tip toed around the Percy Harvin situation, reports are suggesting that the wide receiver may be on his way out of Minnesota. The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly putting Percy Harvin on the block to determine his trade value.
The talented but volatile wide receiver's future with the Minnesota Vikings has been under a lot of speculation lately after quarterback Christian Ponder talked about Percy Harvin in the past tense last month. Percy Harvin is in the last year of his rookie contract.
The 24-year-old Percy Harvin had 62 receptions for 677 yards and three touchdowns, as well as 22 rushing attempts for 86 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown, while missing time due to ankle injury this season. After suffering an ankle sprain in Week 9, Percy Harvin was assigned to the Minnesota Vikings injured reserve even though the injury did not require surgery. Percy Harvin missed the last seven games of the season while on the injured reserve.
However, Mike Max of WCCO has been further fanning the trade rumors, claiming that Percy Harvin ended up on the injured reserve due to a disconcerting outburst in front of his teammates against Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier in November. Percy Harvin’s teammates were reportedly disappointed by his conduct, and the Minnesota Vikings set about making an example out of Harvin to discourage such insubordinate behavior.
Percy Harvin also previously tangled in a similar argument with former Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress (2006-2010).
While the trade rumors are spreading like a wild fire, it's worth noting that Mike Max doesn’t have any solid sources backing his story or his claims of irreconcilable differences holding apart both parties. However, for any sort of dealings, first the team will have to hamper out an extension with Percy Harvin.
Then again, Rick Spielman could be tip toeing around the Percy Harvin situation to not appear desperate for a trade having already ended terms with Harvin, and flat line his market value; but still not crushing the rumors to keep all trade prospects open.
The four-year pro Percy Harvin is one of the most electrifying playmakers in the NFL, who is owed $2.9 million next year. But teams could be holding back interest due to character concerns and sunsequent distractions, in light of Percy Harvin’s diva persona.
But the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are two teams who could have an interest in Percy Harvin. However, if the Minnesota Timberwolves are targeting a trade for Percy Harvin, it will likely fall before drafts.
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yeah i heard this story earlier, but i can't say i'm surprised.