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Contrary to what you might think, I'm not like a caged animal when I don't have any games in play on a given night. It's also a common fallacy, and one that I have never experienced, that games are more exciting if you've got a little something on them. I actually find that I'm more relaxed on a night when I don't have anything going, and I don't find the games any less enjoyable. I guess that makes me somewhat of an enigma wrapped in a riddle. How deep!



THE NBA (1-2 ATS/2-1 SU/1-2 TOTALS last night and 18-16/21-13/17-17 so far for the week)



BUTTA (no plays last night and 1-1 so far for the week)

BLAZERS (-3) over Jazz - Losses by the Lakers and the Mavs last night doesn't make this the "do or die" game that it could have been, but I like the Blazers for a couple of reasons: The Jazz aren't very good on the road, and the Blazers are off a thumping on their own floor by the Nets. That makes the 14-6 ATS record by the favorite in the last 20 games in this series look like a very valid trend. BLAZERS 107, Jazz 95




1. MAGIC (+3 1/2, U196 1/2) 98, Wizards 94

2. KNICKS (-13 1/2, U199) 115, Bobcats 72

3. CELTICS 101, Hawks (+2, O196) 100

4. Raptors (+2, U194 1/2) 100, PISTONS 93

5. CAVS (+2, U194) 97, 76ers 93

6. GRIZZLIES (-4 1/2, O196) 104, Rockets 97

7. HORNETS (+7, U191) 90, Heat 89

8. WOLVES (+7 1/2, U201 1/2) 98, Thunder 96

9. SPURS (-4 1/2, O197 1/2) 105, Clippers 96

10. Nets (+6 1/2, U204) 103, NUGGETS 100



I don't want anyone to get crazy and run to the window on that Heat/HORNETS projection, but I will say that I can see the Stingers staying within the number. All the weight of that long winning streak is now off the Heat, and maybe they take a minute to take a deep, cleansing breath tonight.



COLLEGE HOOPS (3-1 ATS/2-2 SU/3-1 TOTALS last night and 15-17/14-16/18-14 so far for the week)



The Madness (3-1/2-2/3-1 last night and 7-5/7-4/7-5 so far for the week)

1. Louisville 68, Oregon (+10, U130) 61

2. Michigan (+1 1/2, U135 1/2) 68, Kansas 64

3. Duke (-2 1/2, U134) 59, Michigan St. 52

4. Florida 74, Fla.-Gulf Coast (+12, O136) 71



Have a great Good Friday, everyone! This is a very important day, but it doesn't get the pub that it should. Maybe take a second or two to reflect on what this day stands for. I know I do. Be careful out there tonight. I'll see you again tomorrow.

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