Review of eliminated eastern conference playoff teams

Eastern Conference season wrap-ups: gone fishin'

6/21/13 in NBA   |   droth   |   127 respect

Knicks: A disappointing end to the season can be blamed on a few guys.  JR Smith didn't do anything in the second round, Carmel failed to put the team on his back, and Mike Woodson played guys that couldn't score.  But the real problem is that the team stopped moving the ball; all those other problems were secondary.  The Knicks went from 15.5% of their regular season offense coming from isolation to 26.6% in the playoffs.  That -- in addition to the extra pressure -- was a recipe for an early exit.

PacersThe Pacers were the second best defensive team this season and were the only team with three players in the top ten in Defensive Rating.  Paul George is approaching superstar status and the Pacers aren't going anywhere.  But if they want to take the next step, they'll need to bring David West back and add some depth, especially in the back court. They don't have a ton of cap space, but the Pacers front office has done a beautiful job putting this team together, so Pacers fans should remain optimistic.


: After dominating during the regular season thanks to elite play on both ends of the floor, the Heat were tested in the playoffs.  Their lack of size became an issue during the Eastern Conference finals, but D-Wade, LeBron and "his" shooters carried them past a formidable Spurs team.  Despite finishing at or near the top of the league in most categories, the Heat need to address their poor rebounding, even though they were able to gather important rebounds when it mattered most.  The team's salary cap situation is verging on disaster with the looming "repeater" tax and a payroll dominated by the Big Three.  With very little flexibility, it looks like this same group will be making a run at a three-peat next year.
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