Rex Ryan's New York Jets Need More Than Tim Tebow to Contend Again

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In fact, the transition seems to already have begun to take place as Powell was on the field for 32 snaps against the 49ers while Greene was only in the game for 18 plays. However, even if Powell can prove to be a better back than Greene, he would have to have an MVP-like season to find a way to replicate the damage that Jones and Greene were able to inflict together on opposing defenses in 2009.

As for the passing attack, the Jets lost one of their most important assets before the 2011 season when Braylon Edwards went to San Francisco. Edwards was good for at least one deep catch per game, which not only allowed the Jets to get into the red zone on one play, but it also forced defenses to think again about double covering Santonio Holmes and loading up the box against the run.

On the 2012 team, rookie Stephen Hill was supposed to replace Edwards as the deep threat, and it looked like he would do just that when he had a terrific season opener against the Buffalo Bills, hauling in two touchdown catches and 89 receiving yards. However, in the next two games, he didn’t catch a single pass, and he is now out with a hamstring injury.

Certainly, if there is any young offensive player to be optimistic about, Hill is the guy. He is blazing fast and blocks incredibly well for a wideout. It isn’t his fault that at Georgia Tech, he rarely was thrown to since the Yellow Jackets mainly run the ball. Therefore, he deserves time to develop.

However, the trending topic of discussion in the media has predictably been about who should be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

What’s the answer?

The answer is: Right now, it doesn’t matter.

Switching from one mediocre quarterback to another isn’t going to help the team in the long run and making sure that Sanchez has job security won’t either. While the problem at quarterback is significant, the controversy between Sanchez and Tebow has become too much of a distraction from the other issues, which are also important.

At the end of the day, the Jets need more than just a dependable quarterback. They need a reliable set of wide receivers, but mostly they need to find a way to jumpstart their running game.

Rex Ryan is at his best when he has a ground-and-pound attack that can keep his stalwart defense rested and guarantees that his quarterback doesn’t commit turnovers because the QB feels like he needs to make big plays. 
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