Rex Ryan's New York Jets Need More Than Tim Tebow to Contend Again

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The NFL has certainly turned into a passing league, but take a quick look at the only three undefeated teams.
The Atlanta Falcons have a terrific quarterback in Matt Ryan and excellent wide receivers in Roddy White and Julio Jones, so they are not afraid to air the ball out. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals are conservative on offense and are led by their defense while the Houston Texans are paced by their running game.

These teams understand what their strengths are and play to them. The point is that Rex Ryan never should have allowed the identity of his offense to change from being run-first to pass-first because that’s not playing to his own strengths.

However, the change from being run-oriented to pass-oriented is indisputable.

In 2009, the Jets ran 393 passing plays and 607 rushing plays, and in 2011, the team ran 547 passing plays and 443 running plays.

Hopefully, the Jets aren’t sidetracked by the quarterback controversy and can somehow find a way to retool their offense quickly, because otherwise they will probably have to rebuild the entire team.

As talented as the Jets defense is, the players are getting old. On the defensive line, Mike DeVito is 28 and Sione Pouha is 33. In the linebacking corps, David Harris is 28, Calvin Pace is 31, Bart Scott is 32 and Bryan Thomas is 33. At safety, LaRon Landry is only 27, but he is injury-prone and Yeremiah Bell is 34.

This is an important time for Rex Ryan to try to find some playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe it would be worth it to try giving Redskins coach Mike Shanahan a call and trading him some defensive pointers in exchange for advice on how to find offensive talent. Otherwise, it could be more than just until Tom Brady retires before the Jets have a chance of winning the AFC East and returning to the playoffs.
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