Richie Incognito blasts Jonathan Martin on Twitter

Richie Incognito is burning bridges with Jonathan Martin

2/13/14 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

Yesterday, Richie Incognito went on a rather interesting Twitter rant about his "bullying" scandal involving former Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin.

After the text message transcripts between them had been released, it was clear that Incognito's actions (at least in the texts) weren't really bullying at all, but just a normal (albeit coarse) exchange between friends.

Of course, Martin didn't do anything to assure the media of that, during the months in which their story was being dragged through the mud, and Incognito is less than thrilled about it.

Here are his tweets (they read from bottom to top, in chronological order):

Blog Photo - Richie Incognito blasts Jonathan Martin on Twitter

On one hand, Incognito definitely has a point here. Martin should have said something sooner, and it would have neutralized the entire situation from the start. If he was really considering suicide because of his poor play, he could have sought treatment instead of trying to shift things on Incognito.

On the other hand, Incognito had no business at all publicizing Martin's personal troubles. If Martin wants to discuss things like suicidal thoughts with the public, then that should have been done on his part, not by Incognito.

If Incognito had just kept quiet, he might have come away smelling like roses, relatively speaking. But this tirade only served to reinforce the "bully" label that he received when the scandal originally broke.
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2/13/14   |   Jess   |   34890 respect

I was just thinking that *maybe* Martin isn't as innocent in this whole thing as he made it seem, but that Incognito is still an a-hole, regardless. These texts don't prove any different. (And yea, I remember him with the Rams...even back then I thought he was a jerk.)

2/13/14   |   Scott   |   53898 respect

I watched Icognito play for a couple of years with the Rams and he's always been a hot head.  It was only a matter of time before he "went off" on this situation