Rick Dutrow, Big Brown's Trainer, Faces Suspension For Juicing A Horse
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Big Brown's Triple Crown Loss Seems Sweeter Than Ever Now

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I'm not sure how to put this any other way: Rick Dutrow is a slimeball of epic proportions.

Dutrow achieved mammoth jackass status when he threw his jockey Kent Desormeaux under the bus almost immediately after Big Brown's Triple Crown loss. Meanwhile, it's since been revealed that Big Brown had a loose front horseshoe at the Belmont that probably had an effect on his racing ability.

Kent Desormeaux wouldn't be responsible for that problem. You know who'd be responsible for that? Yeah, the trainer. And guess what? Dutrow hasn't said a anything in regards to the loose horseshoe.

Dutrow's also a huge cheat, having been fined or suspended at least once every year since 2000 for medication/PED violations.

So it shouldn't come as any shock that Dutrow is about to be suspended YET AGAIN for cheating.

Dutrow's horse Salute the Count tested positive for clenbuterol - a medication which helps burn fat and promote muscle growth - after finishing second in the Grade III Aegon Turf Sprint at Churchill Downs just one day before Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby. Clenbuterol is legal up to a certain point, however, Dutrow's horse had twice the legal limit.

Dutrow will be suspended for 15 days have to repay the $20,000 in purse earnings.

Of course Dutrow is shocked.
“I use that medication on many of my horses and only once can ever remember having a problem with it.”
I'm just surprised Dutrow didn't blame Desormeaux for this positive test.

So now it seems that Big Brown's loss in the Belmont was poetic justice more than anything else. God only knows what the hell was in Big Brown's system on race day.

And regardless of whatever excuses Dutrow wants to make, he's now officially become the Victor Conte of horse racing.
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