Rick Majerus takes 2012-2013 season off following heart problem

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After Saint Louis (SLU) basketball coach Rick Majerus’ old-ticker started posing problems again, the university announced that he will be taking the 2012-2013 season off.
Rick Majerus has a history of heart disease and underwent surgeries going back to 1989. The 64-year-old Rick Majerus is currently prescribed to blood thinner medication. Just last season in Salt City Lake, Rick Majerus has another heat surgery to have a stent inserted, and missed a couple of games due to heal a major laceration to his  resulting from a collision with players trying to recover a loose ball.
SLU administrators are aware of the situation and have been briefed by Rick Majerus’s doctors, but they declined to comment further on the situation.
"His health is the most important issue right now, and our hope is for a full and complete recovery," stated SLU athletic director Chris May.
Currently, Rick Majerus has been admitted at a California hospital where several tests are being conducted to determine his heart condition, confirmed SLU spokesman Brian Kunderman.
Assistant coach Jim crews has been placed as the interim coach for the team this season. Since SLU has issued a statement on a permanent replacement for the 2013-2014 season, it leaves an open option for Rick Majerus to make a return after the current season.
"I appreciate what Rick has done to return SLU men's basketball to national prominence," said SLU president Rev. Lawrence Biondi, in a statement. "I know that he would like to be here with his players and coaches this season, and all of us at SLU will keep Rick in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."
SLU had a landmark season with a record 24-8 last year and making their first appearance at the NCAA tournament since 2000. Additionally, by spring, the figures showed that the SLU had made improved by 14-wins since the season before. For the first time since 1998, SLU also succeeded at defeating Memphis in the NCAA tournament last season.
Rick Majerus joined SLU in 2007, coming out of retirement after he parted with Utah in 2004 citing chest pains. Following five seasons with SLU, Rick Majerus maintains record of 95-69 with the team. Health issues have been a recurring problem for Rick Majerus who also left Southern California on similar basis after just three days of appointment at his new job.
With a 25-year college coaching experience, Rick Majerus boasts one of the top winning career records at 517-216.
Chris May appeared optimistic about Jim Crews’ new role with the team, hoping that the interim coach succeed in leading LSU towards its “goal” this season.
"Jim Crews is a long-time professional and is all-in with the task of leading the program this year," stated Chris May. "He has led teams to numerous NCAA tournaments, which is our goal.”
Jim Crews has a 24-years head coaching career, with 17 seasons at Evansville and seven seasons at Army before joining SLU last fall.
"We are fortunate to have a group of outstanding young men.
"This past year, they have been a delight to work with, and our staff is excited to serve them,” said Jim Crews. “We are fortunate to have a group of outstanding young men…Hopefully, our fans will rally behind this team and enjoy a great season."
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