Ridin' The Storm Out II

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As I look over the NBA schedule for tonight, there's not much there, but there are 7 games to deal with. Let's get to work and finish things off for the day.



THE NBA (2-9 last night and 20-28 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (5-6 last night and 26-21 so far for the week)




TOTALS (6-5 last night and 23-25 so far for the week)

OVERS - Pistons/BOBCATS (199), Raptors/KNICKS (191) and Pacers/BULLS (178 1/2)

UNDERS - Celtics/GRIZZLIES (176 1/2), Kings/NUGGETS (222 1/2), Nets/CLIPPERS (192 1/2) and Wizards/WARRIORS (194)



BUTTA (0-1 last night and 2-3 so far for the week)

Nothing to see here tonight. As I mentioned in the earlier post, it looks like we might be in one of those adjustment phases for the numbers, so that makes everything a little dicey in The Association right now.




1. BOBCATS (-1 1/2) over Pistons - It's on the schedule, so it must be played. It will be a long time before the 'Cats look like a good play as a favorite. BOBCATS 114, Pistons 106

2. KNICKS (-7) over Raptors - Rudy Gay was left behind in Toronto and didn't make the trip because of a bad back. That takes a lot away from the Dinos attack as these teams complete a home and home tonight. KNICKS 109, Raptors 96

3. Pacers (+3 1/2) at BULLS - The Pacers are the better team, but they're on the b2b tonight. Indiana does dominate within their own division though. That being said, this might be a desperation type game for the Bulls. Pacers 96, BULLS 88

4. GRIZZLIES (-7 1/2) over Celtics - The Griz play the Celtics style of game better than the Celts do, but as we saw last night, it can be a real struggle at times for them on offense. That makes this number too big for me to get involved. GRIZZLIES 89, Celtics 68

5. NUGGETS (-13) over Kings - Sacramento is never a good play on the road and maybe less so tonight with the Nugs coming off a rare home loss on Thursday night. NUGGETS 114, Kings 94

6. Nets (+8) at CLIPPERS - I don't know where either of these teams are right now. They're both good teams and will be in the playoffs, but they also might have early exits from the postseason. Nets 94, CLIPPERS 87

7. Wizards (+8) at WARRIORS - The Wiz are playing with quite a bit of swagger right now, but the first thing that jumps out about them going into this game is that when closing out a b2b on the road so far this season, they're 0-9. Either the law of averages will catch up, or it will be status quo for tonight. Either way, this number is too big for a Warriors squad that's been very shaky since the break. Wizards 98, WARRIORS 93



With nothing out there in the NBA tonight, I'm taking an even closer look at that Air Force/WEBER ST. game later tonight. I'll let you know if I decide to move on that one, but that probably won't happen till right before tip time. Until then, have a great day, be careful out there tonight and I'll talk to you again tomorrow.

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