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I know it's late, but The Businessman had lots of business to take care of today with it being the first of the month. We've still got time though, but there's no reason to be beatin' around the bush. Here we go!



THE NBA (1-1 last night and 14-18 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (2-0 last night and 20-12 so far for the week)




I've got 2 games tonight where the statistical breakdowns lead me to ties: Bucks/KNICKS and Mavs/SUNS



TOTALS (0-2 last night and 19-13 so far for the week)

OVERS - Clippers/RAPTORS (193), Bucks/KNICKS (205 1/2) and Hornets/NUGGETS (203 1/2)

UNDERS - Heat/PACERS (184), Magic/CELTICS (189 1/2), Bulls/NETS (181), Kings/76ERS (198 1/2), Cavs/PISTONS (195 1/2), Wizards/GRIZZLIES (181), Blazers/JAZZ (195 1/2), Mavs/SUNS (199) and Lakers/WOLVES (197 1/2)



BUTTA (1-0 last night and 3-2 so far for the week)

1. Clippers (-165) over RAPTORS - I don't like the (-4) hung on the Clips for this game, but even though the Dinos are supposed to have their new acquisition, Rudy Gay, in uniform tonight, my disdain for the number has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that my projection tells me it won't work. The Clippers are still deep enough without Matt Barnes, lost to the team tonight due to suspension tonight, to get the job done against a Raptors team that's got to be suffering in the chemistry department right now. Clippers 101, RAPTORS 99

2. Hornets/NUGGETS (O203 1/2) - This number on the TOTAL looks way short for a couple of teams that are not afraid to run up and down the court, can shoot 3's and don't always seem that interested in playing defense. The Nugs are (-7) on the side, but why lay such a large number with them when the TOTAL looks so short? NUGGETS 120, Hornets 107




1. PACERS (+2) vs. Heat - The Heat are going to have to go hard for all 48 to get this one. It's not that they're not capable of doing so, but we've seen enough in the past, especially in road games for them, when that's not always the case. PACERS 84, Heat 81

2. CELTICS (-8 1/2) over Magic - The Celts have yet to be tested since learning that Rondo is lost for the year. They whacked the Kings last time out, and they get a Magic squad tonight that not only has trouble scoring anyway, but who will also be without Davis tonight. CELTICS 98, Magic 80

3. Bulls (+3 1/2) at NETS - The Bulls are starting to roll now, but be careful here. All reports have Boozer on the shelf for tonight's game. Bulls 92, NETS 85

4. Bucks (+5) at KNICKS - Expect the bombs to flying in The Garden tonight. That usually means that either the game will be very close, or it will be a blowout. The way the Knicks often look discombobulated of offense, I'd have to opt for the former. Bucks 103, KNICKS 103

5. 76ERS (-6) over Kings - There are little signs in place that the Sixers are finally starting to gel as a team, and the Kings don't offer the stiffest of competition. I'm still not ready to move on Philly though. 76ERS 103, Kings 83

6. PISTONS (-4) over Cavs - The Pistons are a better team than the one that got blown off their home floor last time out, and the Cavs are awful on the road against division foes. Detroit should be able to control the paint and crash the glass at will in this one. PISTONS 102, Cavs 90

7. GRIZZLIES (-6 1/2) over Wizards - If there's a dark horse to win tonight as a dog, it would be the Wiz. It looks like the Griz will be down to only 9 players again tonight and on the b2b, so I'm not sure I agree with my projection for this game. GRIZZLIES 86, Wizards 76

8. Blazers (+5) at JAZZ - It just feels like the Jazz got away with one on Wednesday night against the Hornets. I'm not saying the Blazers are better than the Stingers, but my numbers do. Blazers 98, JAZZ 94

9. Mavs (+3) at SUNS - Last night's close loss to the Warriors wasn't any easier to take for the Mavs than the 21-point lead they choked up earlier in the week in Portland, and now, they're playing their 3rd game in 4 nights. If the opposition was just about any other team, this would probably be a very good spot to go against Dallas. Mavs 97, SUNS 97

10. WOLVES (+2 1/2) vs. Lakers - This was the game on tonight's schedule that I was willing to go against my numbers and move on the Lakers, but I'm off that now. Evnetually, the Wolves are going to "catch" one, and the Lakers still look vulnerable as a road team. WOLVES 89, Lakers 82



WHEW! I'm almost out of breath! HA! Have a great Friday night, be careful out there and I'll see you again tomorrow bright and early!

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