Rivers Could Be the Second Superstar From the 2012 Class

The Biggest Potential Steal of the Draft

6/28/12 in NBA   |   Andrew_Ericksen   |   230 respect

Blog Photo - Rivers Could Be the Second Superstar From the 2012 Class3. THE BASKETBALL UPBRINGING
Rivers has been around basketball his entire life, with one of today’s better basketball minds as his guiding arm.  But while Doc was more of a defensive-minded player and played point guard, Rivers is more of an offensive talent and a shooting guard primarily.  Just like with Kobe Bryant and Stephon Curry, there’s no question about the basketball IQ and the ability to play under the spotlight, with all three players having grown up with a father that played professional ball.  Austin isn’t someone who is just going to quit if he’s not given a starting role right off the bat.  He’s going to continue to pursue his goal to be the best player he can possibly be and I think this devotion to the game goes a long ways.

So many teams today are able to hang with some of the league’s top powers for about 35 minutes, but when it comes down to the waning minutes of a game, they struggle to find a go-to scorer to counter a LeBron or Durant or Bryant.  Well, Rivers has all the tools to be that go-to guy in the clutch.  We saw it on full display during his buzzer-beater against rival UNC.  Because of his duel-threat ability, the opposing defender has to respect both the penetration and the jumper almost equally and that makes him a coach’s dream in the clutch. 
When I’m looking over the projected top 15-20 players in this year’s draft, Davis and Rivers are the only two guys who really strike me as potential stars, the types of players that you could really build a franchise around.  Sometimes role players and glue guys are what works best for a team, but if you’re looking for highest upside beyond the top spot in the draft, look no further than Austin.
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