Rob Hennigan sights “adventure” in Orlando Magic’s bleak post-Dwight Howard future

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While it may still be difficult for the Orlando Magic to digest the term “rebuilding,” after the they fought tooth and last season to win-over it’s a disgruntled NBA superstar Dwight Howard; on media-day, the team put on a cheery brave face to express their optimism regarding starting afresh in the post-Dwight era.
“In terms of the roster we like roster, it comes back to opportunities,” claimed Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan. “We'll certainly explore opportunities to make the team better. And we're gonna see how it all unfolds."
With several new faces across the management and 10 new players who’ve never put on an Orlando Magic Jersey, the team ‘s first-time NBA head coach Jacque Vaughn bitterly acknowledged that they might face a postseason-less year.
However, the Orlando Magic haven’t sniffed out all sources of hope even if the new center Gustavo Ayon’s sincerely highlighted Dwight Howard’s “irreplaceable” quality for the team.’
Dwight Howard had his history with the Orlando Magic, tuning them around from draft-lottery prospectors to underdog contenders, and then single-handedly flipping that scenario once he left for Los Angeles Lakers.
The Orlando Magic can’t expect a repeat of their 2008 NBA finals appearance after uncertainty still lines the team’s decision on their “leading scorer”, but they are on that way after accepting the current circumstances in a positive light.
"It's a new era, an era where we're really going to focus on 'team,'” said Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins. “It's great to see a bunch of guys who really want to be here. . . . It's not about one player."
Many worry, that the blockbuster Dwight Howard trade, which directly or indirectly resulted in addition of 12 new players and seven holdovers to the roster will result in a lack of chemistry amid the Orlando Magic who still haven’t played together in set rotations.
“We will compete every single night and we'll play hard, and the chips will fall where they should,” said Jacque Vaughn.
But somewhere in between, Alex Martins’ "We will not disappoint" and "ultimately, we will win a championship” mantra has been lost to Jacque Vaughn’s "We're going to try to win every game," and "We're going to try to win every possession” version.
Orlando Magic’s new roster packs more interior depth, with shooting guard Arron Afflalo to be considered an upgrade to Jason Richardson. But Orlando Magic’s power forwards still lack substance along with the ability to stretch the floor that came with Ryan Anderson on the offense. And there’s the loss of Dwight Howard.
Arron Afflalo too dodged around with the “rebuilding” term and claimed that the Orlando Magic were under more of a “transition” period. Rob Hennigan stressed on the importance of “continuity” to gel together the team.
“They’re (Orlando Magic players) going to play the right way: they’re going to play unselfish, they’re going to compete with everything they’ve got,” said Rob Hennigan, “and it’s going to be from a team effort. I think everybody can expect a lot of adventure and a lot of fun in the days ahead.”
Rob Hennigan also believed that the current circumstances will give a wider group of Orlando Magic players the opportunity to develop further during the season by clocking in more minutes.
“I think it’s a time where the team is taking its shape and taking its form,” added Rob Hennigan. “We’ll see how it works.”
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