Rob Ryan advertises Philly cheese steak on his playchart

Rob Ryan coaches defense with a cheese steak ad on his playsheet

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Blog Photo - Rob Ryan advertises Philly cheese steak on his playchartYou've seen NFL coaches these days walking around with play charts -- those laminated one-page reference sheets coaches use to cover their mouths to prevent lipreading, or to keep the home viewers from realizing how frequently coaches swear on the sidelines. With the complicated playbooks of today's NFL, these play charts help coaches remember their complex systems and terminology during stressful in-game situations. Or in the case of Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, these charts help him remember where he's going to have dinner.

Rob Ryan, you see, had a very large and visible advertisement for Pat's King of Steaks on his play chart during the Cowboys' 38-23 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Pat's King of Steaks is a Philly cheese steak joint claiming to be the "Originator and Inventor of the Steak & Cheese Steak Sandwiches".

That's got to be an advertisement. There is no way that "Pat's King of Steaks -- Since 1930" is a defensive play in the Cowboys' playbook. And if it were, there is no sensible reason to put a little crown on the "A" in a "Pat's".

Blog Photo - Rob Ryan advertises Philly cheese steak on his playchartThe good folks at SB Nation have slapped together an amusing animated GIF of Rob Ryan using his cheesesteaked-up playchart. But the "GIF of the Game Award" for Cowboys-Eagles should probably go to the Bobby April F-Bomb GIF, capably captured by Philly magazine and Sports Illustrated contributor Dan McQuade.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports that Ryan does not actually sell the ad space, he merely puts the ads on his play chart "for fun". Some of Rovell's Twitter followers have responded that they've seen ads for local restaurants on Ryan's play charts when the Cowboys have played on the road in their stadiums. If this is supposed to be a joke, I totally don't get it.

This is not the first time Pat's King of Steaks has been in the news. Then-Senator Barack Obama ate at Pat's while campaigning in 2008, and Senator John Kerry ate at Pat's while campaigning in 2004. Senator Kerry infamously ordered his cheese steak with swiss cheese  -- a mistake which pretty much cost him the 2004 Presidential Election.
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