Robert Griffin III hopeful for contract before Washington Redskins training camp

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With 2012 top draft pick Andrew Luck still negotiating a contract with the Indianapolis Colts, there are still 14 other first-round drafts picks who are waiting on their contract. Although there is no clear indication of Andrew Luck’s contract getting resolved anytime soon, still Washington Redskins 2012 drafts second overall pick Robert Griffin III believes that it wouldn’t be long before he is able to sort out a contract with the team.
“I talked to my agent the other day, and he said they had been talking last week then took a break over the weekend, but from what I’ve heard I think it’s gonna get done,” Robert Griffin III  said at a recent awards ceremony. “I think my agent and the Redskins both know it’s paramount for me to be in camp on time, and I think they’re going to work towards that.”
The new collective bargain agreement has clearly set a slotting system for rookie salaries, but at least 30 rookie selections of the 2012 are still trying to bargain a better contract.  According to the CBA, Robert Griffin III’s contract may fetch around $21 million in addition to $13.8 million guaranteed signing bonus. The above proposed amount for rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s contract is similar to second overall pick Von miller’s rookie contract with the Denver Broncos in 2011.
Since the conclusion of the Washington Redskins’ OTAs, Robert Griffin III took to training in Texas last month. Despite his absence on the field this offseason, Robert Griffin III has been actively engaged in team matters, keeping track of everyone and everything.
The Washington Redskins rookies are supposed to report to the team facility, Redskins Park for conditioning and workout on July 26, at the start of summer training camp. Griffin is hoping his contract situation will get settled so that he may not miss a class during practice and
“I’ll be in D.C. on Thursday,” revealed Robert Griffin III.  “I will be there this Thursday, and hopefully by the 16th, I’ll be signed and ready to go.I have no objections — I’m not trying to hold out or make it seem like it’s not a big deal. It’s just (that] I’m not concerned about it; because I’m sure they’ll make it happen.”
The Washington Redskins veterans will report to the training camp, for which there are ongoing preparations will conclude to begin camp on July 26.
If and contract takes form first, then the remaining first round picks will get revolved much quicker as they will be able to judge their position to receive a contract in a mutually agreed range. The Washington Redskins have already agreed on contracts with seven out of nine of their 2012 draft selections. Last month, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan foresaw all team contracts to be  settled before the beginning of the forth coming training camp.
“Everybody’s looking for leverage…“(But) there’s no leverage here,” said Robert Griffin III, while discussing his ongoing contract negotiations with the Washington Redskins. “We need to make sure it happens and both sides need to agree. So I trust [that] the guys around me and the Skins will make sure that happens.”
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