Robert Griffin III to go under the knife for ACL injury

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Blog Photo - Robert Griffin III to go under the knife for ACL injury
Whosoever said Robert Griffin III will suffer from long-term injury problems in the NFL was absolutely right. The Washington Redskins quarterback is looking down a long road to recovery and that too in his rookie season.
Earlier today Robert Griffin’s father confirmed through USA TODAY Sports that RG3 will have to go under the knife in order to repair damage to his anterior cruciate ligament.
“Robert's ACL is intact, but not enough for his profession,” Robert Griffin’s father informed through a text message. “You and I could be fine. But he is an athlete. So they will replace.”
Robert Griffin III is looking at a lengthy spell on the sidelines because of injuries to his lateral collateral ligament and ACL. Medical staff responsible for Robert Griffin III’s recovery has informed that he will also be operated for ACL damage, although the date of his surgery hasn’t been confirmed.  
The coveted quarterback should prepare for a late return to football, yet there is hope for an early recovery as well. A little jog down the memory lane will remind you of Adrian Peterson’s terrible ACL injury. Adrian Peterson nearly broke the NFL’s rushing record after recovering from an ACL tear in December 2011. It seems as if players are slowly growing accustomed to ACL injuries.
Every player has a different recovery period. Players like Adrian Peterson are just good at making fast recoveries. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Robert Griffin III. The fragile frame of the quarterback can result in a short lived career in NFL, but all of that is too early to say.
Robert Griffin III’s accuracy, improvisation and maturity are the reasons behind his success. It would be best if Robert Griffin escapes injuries, but if he is able to rise from the ashes by recording similar form than he has good chance of becoming one of the greats.
Speed is on Robert Griffin’s side and is likely to remain so for the next couple of years. However, once Robert Griffin III enters the later years of his career the quarterback will have to change his gameplay. This transition will show whether Robert Griffin III can survive time and whether he has the potential to become a legend. 
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