Roberto Alomar May Be The Original ODB - Sued For Knowingly Spreading AIDS

Robbie Alomar Ain't Spreadin' No Steroids Around His Clubhouse. Apparently It's AIDS. Oops.

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OK.  Moment of truth here.....

How many of you thought the most disgusting Roberto Alomar story you'd ever hear was about him spitting in umpire John Hirshbeck's face?

Yeah, you know the answer is yes.  I know my answer was yes.

Well,  you were wrong.  We were all wrong.

An ex-girlfriend of Roberto Alomar filed an explosive lawsuit alleging the former baseball star insisted on unprotected sex for four years despite having AIDS.

Apparently his ex-girlfriend, (right) Ilya Dall, isn't too pleased with Mr. Alomar (despite their four years together).  She's suing him for 15 million dollars.  Maybe it's just me, but that figure seems incredibly low to do the deed with the diseased.

I think it goes without saying that this story is completely disgusting, yet I find it totally fascinating.

Dall said the two began dating in spring 2002 and had unprotected sex for the next four years. She said that on several occasions during that time, Alomar refused to get tested for HIV, despite severe fatigue, sores on his mouth and throat, a constant cough and an infection of the esophagus that is associated with AIDS.

How do you stay with a guy that has all the symptoms and still refuses to get tested?  It even got to the point that Alomar's skin turned purple and he needed to be pushed around the airport in a wheelchair due to fatigue.

I guess this puts the whole "steroids" issue in perspective, doesn't it?  How's A-Rod gonna top this one?!?

In spite of it all, Alomar is still offering to work your corporate event though his web site:

Roberto Alomar Guest Appearing at Your Company!!!

Want to make sure everyone remembers your Company's Event???

 Book the legendary secondbaseman, Roberto to speak, shake hands with your guest, and make it a night no one will ever forget.

Yeah, that's a corporate event to remember.  Who knows - if you pay extra maybe he'll spit on you, too!
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2/12/09   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Well, I guess he took the corporate offer down from his web site.  Probably a good idea....