Robin van Persie reveals details to Sir Alex Fergusonís retirement announcement

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Blog Photo - Robin van Persie reveals details to Sir Alex Fergusonís retirement announcement
Manchester United striker Robin van Persie admits he was stunned by Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to retire as manager of the club. The Dutchman labeled the instance an “historical” moment and hailed the legendary Scotsman for his lavishly celebrated career with Manchester United.
Sir Alex Ferguson, who led Manchester United to their 20th league title this season, signed in Robin van Persie last summer from Arsenal. Consequently, the 29-year-old, who won the Golden Boot award for scoring the highest number of goals in the Premier League, was considered to be the cornerstone behind Manchester United’s success.
Under the ever watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson, Robin van Persie helped Manchester United reclaim the Premier League title from Manchester City and in the process the former Feyenoord player scored 26 goals in 35 games.
Upon being questioned on whether he knew if Sir Alex Ferguson was going to step down as manager, Robin van Persie insisted he had no idea about the plans. The Netherlands international claims he didn’t expect Sir Alex Ferguson to retire after winning the Premier League title with such force.
Sir Alex Ferguson called the curtains on a 27-year-old career at Manchester United, a career that has seen the English club carve its name in the pages of history.
Robin van Persie claims he didn’t want to accept what he was hearing when Sir Alex Ferguson broke the news about his retirement. The former Arsenal skipper claims he wasn’t thinking about the successor to the legend, but in fact about the glory the great Scotsman had achieved in his life.
“Sir Alex came through the dressing room door and the first thing he said was that he was retiring,” Robin van Persie revealed. “I had to gasp for breath and I shook my head. Had he really said what I thought he'd said?
“The room fell deathly quiet and then everyone became emotional. Sir Alex then had a long talk with the squad. I found it a very special speech and felt privileged to have witnessed it.
“It was an historical moment for football, even though I was not happy to hear his message.”
Robin van Persie will be playing under David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor this season. The younger Scotsman hails from Everton and has been handpicked by Sir Alex Ferguson to become the new boss of Old Trafford. 
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