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Kids!  What are you going to do?  The Toledo Rockets were well on their way to an easy win, which would have given me another perfect night, but it was not to be.  With a 16-point lead at half, and that lead maintained through to the first 2nd half timeout, the Rockets got a little lazy, a little sloppy and as a result, they came unglued the rest of the way. 

My business can be a little strange sometimes.  Before the Rockets hit that last shot that ultimately gave them the win, I was rooting for their failure in that situation.  It wasn't that I was hoping they would lose the game because I wasn't going to win my investment.  Instead, I was rooting for OT in the hopes that Toledo would be able to gather themselves and get to the number.  It didn't happen, but that's just the way it is sometimes.  I hate to lose anytime, but this one didn't do a whole lot of damage as we're still in great shape for the week.

Maybe I should have shunned Toledo and gone for the Heat instead.  I was right on the money with that game.  I don't often talk about past games that I wasn't invested in, but I did make a comment concerning that game yesterday that I told you I would expand on more today.  It had to do with the fact that maybe the return of Russell Westbrook to the Thunder lineup last night might actually be of greater benefit to the Heat.

Don't get me wrong.  I like Westbrook.  He's a really good kid and a fine player.  We have seen to this point in his career, however, that he can be a bit of a knucklehead.  He has had games in the past that were chock full of silly turnovers, or his trying to force himself on the Thunder's offense.  I felt like his return last night might have been the perfect opportunity for Westbrook to try and do too much.  It didn't work out that way as he was kept on a short leash as far as his minutes were concerned, and while he was on the court, he was visibly trying to stay within the flow of the game.  That's encouraging, but the bottom line is that the Heat, with a chip on their shoulder from about 3 weeks prior, was just the better team last night.

It's only NBA tonight as the Div. I conferences take Friday off.  Let's get to work.

THE NBA  (2-1 ATS/1-2 SU/1-2 TOTALS last night and 11-12/12-11/10-13 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)
BOBCATS (-3, U192) over Pelicans - This looks like a really good game.  The Pels can play a little bit, and they give great effort every night.  The 'Cats are playing with a purpose though, and after the deal they pulled off yesterday to get Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour without giving up anything from the core of players that has gotten them to where they are at this point in the season, those players now have to feel that management has their back.  That's huge, and that's why I'm laying the wood for this one.  BOBCATS 98, Pelicans 90 

Knicks   97 Mavs (-13 1/2, U212) 113
MAGIC (+3, O195 1/2) 111 76ERS   97
Cavs   94 Hawks   99
RAPTORS (-8 1/2, O197 1/2) 108 PISTONS (-3 1/2, O210 1/2) 112
Nuggets   87 Clippers 101
BULLS (-7, O189 1/2) 114 GRIZZLIES (+1 1/2, O194 1/2) 101
Spurs (-1 1/2, O208 1/2) 106 Jazz (+8 1/2, U202)   96
Celtics (+1 1/2, U205) 101    
LAKERS   96    

---I'm reserving the right to jump the Bulls tonight based on my "Blind Squirrel Theory" with the Nugs.  That theory worked to full effect last night in favor of Denver against the Bucks, but I couldn't take advantage of it because the Nugs have been in free fall also.  The Bulls will get full advantage of the theory tonight, but I don't know if I want to lay (-7) on a team whose success is based more on defense than on scoring in bunches and hitting treys.  If the moneyline stays at (-300), or even dips below that, I will be on the Bulls. 
---There was a minor shock wave that rolled through The Association when the Pacers dealt Danny Granger to the Sixers for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.  That's a great deal for Indiana though.  As a rule, Turner is instant offense off the bench, and Allen makes the Pacers even "longer" than they already are with Hibbert and the recently acquired Andrew Bynum.  Do you think the Pacers are setting themselves up for trying to dominate The Champs?
---Finally, in a game that means nothing to anybody, Pau Gasol is listed as "probable" for tonight's game against the Celtics.

Rest up, my friends.  As I've got it tallied right now, we're going to have 8 NBA games tomorrow and 54 college games.  Have a great night, be careful out there and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow.
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