Rockets Trade Chase Budinger for 18th Pick

6/26/12 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

Blog Photo - Rockets Trade Chase Budinger for 18th Pick
The Houston Rockets now have 3 first round picks (14th, 16th, 18th) after recently trading Chase Budinger and prospect Lior Eliyahu to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 18th pick.
It seems as though Daryl Morey, GM of the Rockets, is trying to collect as many pieces as he can in the hopes of landing Dwight Howard.  And if the Orlando Magic won’t budge on Dwight - which is most likely the case - sources say Houston has an offer of Lowry, the #14 and #16 picks for Tyreke Evans and the #5 pick on the table.  Either way, it is highly unlikely that the Rockets will keep all 3 of their first round picks.  It's obvious that Morey has his sights on landing a superstar.
The trade was also beneficial for the other party, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who didn’t necessarily need another rookie to add to their already young roster.  And Chase is the perfect fit for their run-n-gun system.  He can stretch the floor and is athletic enough to run with Rubio and Minnesota’s other young legs.
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