Rodgers urges title- contenders Liverpool to stay calm and carry on

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Blog Photo - Rodgers urges title- contenders Liverpool to stay calm and carry on
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has asked his team to remain calm and carry on with the good form as the title race heats up. Liverpool have come within in a point of the Premier League leaders Chelsea.
The Reds have emerged out as surprise contenders for the title this season. With a hard-fought, but well-deserved 2-1 victory over Sunderland on Wednesday night, Liverpool ensured they weren’t left behind in the title race.
Liverpool have been without a league title since 1990, and are yet to lift a title in the Premier League era. The Reds have yet to meet the two hot-favorite teams for the title, Chelsea and Manchester City.
Rodgers and Co. will be playing against both Chelsea and Manchester City next month and luckily both will be home games. Rodgers urged his team to remain focused on bigger glory, but channel it through a game-to-game approach.
“It is just reinforcing about calmness,” Rodgers said after winning over Sunerland. “We reinforce to the players to dominate the ball. Our idea is to stay calm under pressure and it is important that they can think clearly under pressure.
“We have had a wonderful season so far but there is still a way to go. I felt in the second part of this season we would be stronger because of the nature of our game. There were long spells that we were very good at that but, as I said, as the season goes on we will embrace that pressure and enjoy it.”
Liverpool might be within a point of Chelsea, but the Reds could see themselves fall down the pecking order and in a four-point deficit from the top if Manchester City acquires all six points from the two games in hand.
Just like Mourinho, Rodgers admits that the title is for Liverpool to lose. The Anfield boss believes Manchester City have the edge in the title race. In an interview to BBC Sport Rodgers said that Liverpool will counter such fate by continuing to work hard and remain focused on their goals.
“It's up to other teams to lose, so we will keep working hard,” Rodgers said. “I'm not playing it down, I don't play silly mind games. If City win their games, they win. It's simple maths.”
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