Roger Clemens Return to the MLB?

Houston... Rocket?

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For those sacred in the hall, and those that believe the hall is sacred, the wait to protest, voice opinion or boycott the 2013 ceremony might be delayed. The ink and paper used to construct the, "Keep Clemens Out" posters is nothing more than fire wood at this point.

But, what a fire it will be. Maybe?

The Rocket just made a U-turn on the way to Cooperstown and the bated-breath debate will have to wait, perhaps, another five years, or even longer. 

As reported by Ken Rosenthal, of Foxsports, Roger Clemens has been currently chucking 87 m.p.h controlled-fastballs with enough command to impress scouts, quickly landing him a spot on the Sugar Land Skeeters ( Indie-League) in Texas. That, and the name on his jersey didn't hurt either.  
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Clemens, now 50, apparently still has the excellent conditioning, mixed with the pitchers-mind to get hitters out. At least in the Indie's. But, does he have the moxy and make-up to get out professional hitters in the MLB? And, why come back, if he even can? Those questions, along with countless others, are only the preview to what this movie might provide.

However, any person that knows Roger Clemens should not be surprised or spill their popcorn in Bud Selig's hair when the premier happens. Apologies to the Skeeters faithful, but Roger has his sights set on something bigger, more time-worthy. The Hall-Of-Fame.

Another five years removed can provide Clemens time, most importantly. But, not his time. Voters-time and analyst-time may change drastically in the next five-plus years in the MLB world, and it may be enough distance for Clemens to prove he is in fact, worthy of votes. And what is the hurt in padding the stats, getting some extra cash and rebuilding the Clemens Legacy while he waits? Nothing. Outside of fabricating a website explaining his possible reasons for possible steroid use, what's the worst thing that can happen? Again, nothing!

Clemens has stood trial, multiple times now, and he has come out clean - verdictly speaking - every time. He may have cheated, but he was never caught. Unlike others who will be on the 2013 ballot, Clemens has never been proven the all-important, guilty. Case closed!
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If he does sign with the Astros this season, Clemens will then be able to get back to cementing his no-question reasoning as a dominant pitcher. Perhaps even "the" dominant pitcher. He needs only 328 strikeouts to reach 5000, a feat only done by Nolan Ryan, and only 203 to pass Randy Johnson for 2nd all-time. While there may not be enough youth-juice on the planet to keep Clemens in the league for multiple years, enough to pass Ryan for number 1, the conditioning he is credited for should carry him at least two seasons. More than enough time to present his case as, "the best." Not to mention the stats he already has over Ryan and Johnson.

With the art of power-pitching, so goes the art of control. Ryan struck out 5,714 hitters in his career, but he also gave free passes to 2,795. Roger Clemens, in all his power-dominance, only walked 1,580 hitters. Unless you are in the circus or five-years old, the shorter the merry-go-round ride, the better. Especially in the MLB. Clemens also has more wins, 354, to Ryan's 324, and he has the rings of a Champion. No-hitters aside, The Rocket can even be argued as the best, now, not then and when. 

It's true, age is always a factor. Perhaps Clemens should listen to Jamie Moyer on the subject of pitchers past their prime before making his decision. After all, Clemens has been clocked at 87, not 97. In reality, it could also just be all-talk and media-banter, which Clemens likes to orchestrate on a day-to-day trial basis - no pun intended. 

But, what a scene it could be!

If only to put fans in the Houston seats, and provide excitement for the ending of a dismal Astros season, it would be interesting to see his return. Even at 50-years old...est!

Regardless, teams playing the Skeeters better watch out!

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8/23/12   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

Can Clemens hang out with Brett Favre in Hattiesburg, Mississippi ? Or can Farve head over to Houston ? Brett can give Roger advice on how to retire gracefully (hah !). These two dudes need a life. Maybe they're meant for each other?

8/23/12   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

WhoDat12 wrote:
He can go to the Houston LAstros and take Jamie Moyer with him...


8/22/12   |   This_is_Rick   |   265 respect

mcleodglen wrote:
Wow Clemens is 50 already? Gosh time flies by so fast.

50, and apparently pitching better than most 20-year olds. Stay tuned. Clemens drama is always fun.

8/22/12   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

He can go to the Houston LAstros and take Jamie Moyer with him...

8/22/12   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

Wow Clemens is 50 already? Gosh time flies by so fast.