Roger Clemens Vs. Brian McNamee

2/14/08 in MLB   |   mavsoccer23   |   66 respect

For four hours and 41 minutes Congress grilled Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee and it was pretty obvious from the start that the battle lines where drawn. And even more surprising was The fact that Waxman acutely apologized to Brian McNamee at the end of all this. My jaw dropped to floor when I heard that personally I thought that was really pathetic because it was like the entire congress was ganging up on McNamee, Clemens had his fair share of comments thrown his way and yet no apologies to him. It's Roger Clemens name that is being ruined not Brian McNamee and in my Opinion Brian McNamee doesn't deserve an apology. If Roger Clemens indeed did steroids that makes Brian McNamee just as guilty if not more. Brian McNamee is a "Doctor" right? And that would imply that he took the same Oath as any other Doctor in America, To do no harm. I think Brian McNamee is a joke and a Liar. This whole hearing was so ridiculous from the very start. I agree with Congressman Dan Burton 110% Brian McNamee is a Liar and he tells the truth when it's convenient for him. I also believe the other congressman that called Brian McNamee a drug dealer. Brian McNamee claimed that he wasn't which I found to be pretty pathetic I mean he used an illegal substance and injected in multiple people and he got payment for his actions. And you can't tell me that he never gave drugs to one his clients so they could inject themselves. And as for the question on whether or not to prosecute Roger Clemens on Perjury charges. If they decide to prosecute Roger Clemens on perjury then they also need to prosecute Brian McNamee because it became very apparent that he lied various times to multiple people about the case. Not To mention he lied in 2001 to federal investigators and they didn't prosecute him. They can't just prosecute Roger Clemens just because he is a baseball Icon and they want make an example out of him. I don't even think there is enough to bring a case against Roger Clemens because they so called Evidence that Brian McNamee withheld from investigators which I find to be very odd since he claims to be so innocent. Those Needles and Gauze pads don't prove a damn thing and they have been sitting around for years you can't tell me they weren't contaminated. There are a couple of more things that really bothered me about this, And of them is how Brian McNamee went from being a New York City Police Officer to a "Doctor" or a "Trainer". And he was acutely hired by the Blue Jays I mean I was always under the impression you needed some kind of training to train an athlete. I would really like to know how Brian McNamee went from being a police officer to being a trainer. And if Brian McNamee doesn't have the Qualifications to be a "Doctor" or a "Trainer" then we have a whole other issue on our hands. Then there is Andy Pettitte to some say he did the right thing and personally I think he crossed a line I can understand the fact he wanted to come clean but he didn't have to take his teammate down with him I as a baseball player myself find it wrong. Andy Pettitte is a lot of things but he is definitely not a "Hero" lets not forget that he himself did HGH. Then there was this whole thing about Jose Conseco's Party and if Roger Clemens was or was not there. I mean come on Multiple people say he was not Jose Conseco says he was not and Jose wife says he was not and multiple others say he was not and the announcers say that Roger Clemens was not there and yet Brian managed to be the only person to see Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens is not an easy guy to miss and I think Jose Conseco would have seen him it is his own party and Jose has no reason to lie I mean after all Jose is the King of hanging his former teammates out to dry so if Roger Clemens would have done something at the party I'm sure we would have been reading about it in Jose Conseco's book. There is one last thing that really bothered me the fact that Roger Clemens is the only Athlete that's having his name destroyed and made out to be a criminal I mean there where what 87 names in the Mitchell Report and Roger Clemens name is the only one being destroyed and put on trial and being hunted. I think that's Ridiculous and if the Congress really wanted to do something they would have had all 87 players on trial and not just the biggest name they could find. Henry A. Waxman was doing one thing and one thing only and that's defending one of his own in George Mitchell and defending his word.
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