Roger Federer close to 30th birthday but far from retire-day

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Roger Federer will be turning 30-years-old next week but age is not a factor that affects the Swiss maestro. Although, the world ranking would beg to differ there is no doubt the winner of a record 16 Grand Slam singles titles has a class of his own.

The legendary player continues to walk on like a war machine, working his magic like clockwork on a daily basis. Time has shown signs of aging and weakness in Federer but the veteran still has a couple years left in him. Federer confirmed that lightening up the hearts of his fans by declaring his future on the tennis court will continue.

In a recent press release, Federer admitted he was aging but declared that he did not have time to pause for his reflection, as instead he was utilizing that time to plan future accomplishments. Federer who most probably is the greatest tennis player to have graced the world claimed there was still a lot of action left in him and he was going to work hard for it to turn into success.

Federer’s birthday arrives this coming Monday. The player himself will be in Montreal at the Rogers Cup tournament. Fans are expected to serenade the apple of their eyes, Federer on this occasion. Fans have performed a similar ritual for Federer in the past at the same location too.

In his press release Federer commented on the whole account saying, “I’m looking forward to turning 30, excited to see how the Canadians are going to celebrate my birthday this time around, because sometimes they start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ during my match.”

Federer further told media in his on telephonic conference that the milestone-birthday would itself be a landmark in his career making him realize about his achievements and future decisions.

Federer continued, “My plans are always probably a bit over a year ahead of the time. I’m already way past this point. I’m already thinking beyond the Olympics next year.” The fact that Federer won’t be competing in the Olympics will be a shocker to many fans who would have been willing to travel miles just for glimpse of him at the mega event.

Federer seemed quite satisfied with his accomplishments and was at peace with the triumphs he had recorded in his career. He was also happy with his personal life, Federer mentioned, “Birthdays, they happen. They are a part of life. I'm happy I'm getting older. “I’d rather be 30 than 20 to be quite honest. This is, to me, a nice time.”

Federer declared that love for the game, lifestyle and challenges was still burning inside him like a fueled fire. He told that even now as he ramped up and down the court his thoughts inspired him to think about winning. Federer also told that he was currently preparing for the U.S. Open set to start this month.

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anyway he can play as well as last.!!!!

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 federer's the best