Roger Federer geared up for US Open

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Roger Federer has won the US Open an astonishing 5 times in a row from 2004 onwards. However, rise in competition mixed with the aging factor has decreased the number of annual victories for Federer. Federer admits the frequency of his wins has decreased with time nevertheless he wants to play till his breath can't support his body.

Federer, who once dominated the world with his invincibility, reigned as the no.1 tennis player for a record 237 successive weeks. He has also enjoyed being the world number one rank for more than 5 years.

Federer fell from the top perch to Spanish tennis prodigy, Rafael Nadal. According to the current rankings Federer is positioned at the 3rd place. The top spot is now acquired by the Australian Open and Wimbledon winner, Serbian Novak Djokovic. Nadal who won the French Open this year is breathing down his neck with 2nd place.

Federer, who recorded his last grand slam triumph in 2010 at the Australian Open, is 1-3 versus Djokovic and 0-3 against Nadal this year. The Swiss legend who has been known to do magic on grass courts confided that physically he was in good condition and his training for the US Open was progressing satisfactorily. He also told media that he was training hard with his coach and hoped to get good results out of it.

While talking to media he mentioned, “In the preparation, nothing changes. Do you listen to your body more? Yes, you do. Are you more wise? Yes, you are. Are you more experienced? Yes. Do you have a thousand matches in your body? Yes, you do. You just go with what you have.”

The Swiss maestro admitted that he was most happy when he was winning silverware however he had reached a point in his life when one could feel satisfied and happy over what he had achieved in his run. Federer explained, “I’ve won so much that you feel like if you put yourself in the right position and you do all the right things you'll definitely get a shot of winning big tournaments.”

Federer concluded that he wanted to extend his career similar to other tennis greats, “Like (Andre) AgassiJimmy ConnorsKen RosewallRod Laver, it's very inspiring to see what they were able to do for a very long period of time.” He added, “My planning has always been long term. I'm looking forward to how much more I can achieve from this point on.”
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 the Joker is the new King now