Roger Federer on the verge of breaking another record at the French Open

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Blog Photo - Roger Federer on the verge of breaking another record at the French Open
There comes a time when… you’ve been there, done that. That’s when you start forgetting about all the great victories and records you have made. Proudly, the Swiss maestro Roger Federer has surpassed that milestone.
Roger Federer had just won his 233rd match at a Grand Slam tournament when he was approached by a reporter and asked to comment on the new record he had made. Let me remind you that Roger Federer has equaled the Open era record set by Jimmy Connors.
However, when Roger Federer was asked to name the first person he had defeated to start his journey for the record the 30-year-old tennis veteran just couldn’t recall his competitor.
“Well, I should (know), shouldn't I?” Roger Federer said after he defeated Tobias Kamke of Germany 6-2, 7-5, 6-3 on Monday during the first round of the French Open. “I know it was in Australia, but I can't remember who I was playing.”
Roger Federer was then reminded that Michael Chang was his fallen opponent, to which the Swiss had a cheeky reply.
“Oh, was it?” Roger Federer said with a bit of surprise. “Well, that was a beautiful victory, then.”
Well, it might have not been as great a victory as Roger Federer reminds himself of but it surely is historic for it was the victory against Michael Chang that set Roger Federer on acquiring a record of 16 Grand Slam titles. It’s needless to mention that Roger Federer also thrashed a number of records in the process.
“I obviously love the big tournaments,” Roger Federer continued. “I have been so successful for such a long time and to already tie that record — 30 years old is pretty incredible, so I'm very happy.”
The French Open this year is the 52nd major tournament in Roger Federer’s career. Moreover, it is his 50th in a row.
“When you look at the tournaments like this and you step back, you realize you have been playing for quite a long time,” Roger Federer said. “When I started, I loved playing against those famous players I used to see on TV. Now I'm playing against younger players, a new generation. It's also very nice.”
Roger Federer didn’t acquire a perfect victory on Monday but the Swiss maestro barely struggle to pick up another win. Roger Federer was broken once in each set and piled up 16 more unforced errors (with a total of 47) than his opponent Tobias Kamke. Still, Roger Federer was able to win the match with relative ease.
“They're never easy, those first rounds, you know,” Roger Federer humbly said. “Last thing you want is to go down a set or getting in a tough situation, but I was able to stay ahead in the first set. Had bits of ups and downs on my serve," Federer said. "But overall, I'm happy I'm through. That's what I look at in the end.”
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I still think that Federer will have the longest career of the top 3. The other 2 players (while very good) look like they'll "burn themselves out" The FEDEXPRESS seems to have the best all around game..