Roger Millions Blooper Before Blackhawks And Flames Game

Roger Millions Probably Wishes He Could Have This One Back

4/16/09 in NHL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

This video might not be safe for work, unless you work with people who don't mind people saying "cocksucker". Consider yourself warned.

Roger Millions made a hilarious slip of the tongue before Game 1 of the Blackhawks vs Flames series on Thursday night. He was trying to talk about Corey Sarich, and somehow it came out as cocksucker.

Nicely done, good sir. I'm sure the folks at Rogers Sportsnet will be thrilled when they review that tape later.

It actually reminds me of Dan Marino's infamous outburst when he stumbled over his words when he was talking about a conversation he had with "his man Terrell Buckley".

Nothing will ever beat John Madden though, and his random penis drawings every time a receiver lines up in the slot. We'll miss you, John.

Hockey Reporter Roger Millions Says ‘Cocksucker’ On Live TV [Sports Rubbish]
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4/17/09   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

My God... That Madden thing....  I am not a regular viewer but I bet this sort of thing came up a lot!  Holy crap!

But those drawing kind of help explain a theory of mine....

4/17/09   |   Icefan847   |   10 respect

ok..I'm dumb - what made Marino angry?

4/17/09   |   jopo72

Can someone put Janet Jackson's wardobe malfunction video up. Oh wait we tape delay everything

4/17/09   |   sdssgrad85

 Roger's gaffe was NOT was a LOOK LIVE. It was take one of a few and this was sent to sportsnet where some duffus put it on the air ... now Roger has to live with it.

4/17/09   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

Was this guy on live televison or did someone in the booth screw up? Someone will be fired?

4/17/09   |   blondie45044   |   5873 respect

Oh wow now this is something I think all kids shoud watch NOT! Things that make you say hmmmmmmm!