Rolando McClain: legacy of NFLís dumbest arrests continues

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When we first heard about Rolando McClain’s run-in with the law on Tuesday, it was instantly obvious that there had to be something totally insignificant and absurd behind this arrest. Well, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker never disappoints as it became apparent Rolando McClain was arrested on charges of window tint violation and providing the police with false identification.
Rolando McClain could have easily avoided jail time by accepting the ticket but he decided to lock horns with the law, and eventually paid the price. According to police report, Rolando McClain was pulled over by a patrol supervisor in Decatur, Ala. For driving with overly dark tinted windows. When Rolando McClain was ticketed for the violation of traffic laws, he signed “(Expletive) y’all” and was uncooperative in providing his real identification, which can be cited under “intent to mislead the officer.”
The 23-year-old Rolando McClain was booked at Decatur City Jail around4 p.m. on misdemeanor charges and the window tint violation. Shortly afterwards, he was released on a $1,000 bail.
However, Rolando McClain failed to find the fault in his ways.
“I’m falsely accused of everything,” Rolando McClain said on his out of the City Hall parking lot. “It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”
Last year, Rolando McClain had another run-in with the law in his hometown being sentenced to six-years in prison after facing conviction on gun and assault charges against a friend. A judge later decided to dismiss the case upon an appeal after the alleged victim dropped the charges against Rolando McClain.
Judging by his rather difficult relationship with the law when Rolando McClain was asked if he believed the police were out to get him, the former Alabama linebacker replied, “Yes. You said it. I answered it.”
Lt. John Crouch, spokesperson for the Decatur police department said that the approaching police officer was unable to recognize the driver being pulled over on the Central Parkway Southwest due to the dark tinted windows of the car. Rolando McClain acted cocky when he was asked to pull down the window and handover his license, registration, responding with,” You know who I am.
Rolando McClain also tried to get out of the ticket by providing a doctor’s note that stated he had “photosensitivity and needed maximum ultraviolet radiation protection to include window tinting.”
But the police said it was invalid since the doctor’s note was not written on a medical prescription form.
Rolando McClain also initially hesitated to pull down the window further so that the arresting officer could use a tint meter to determine if the former All-American had violated any laws. After he was ticketed, Rolando McClain was given a second chance to correctly sign the paper but he insisted, “That is my name,” following which he was arrested.
Additionally, Rolando McClain refused to speak with a supervising police officer present at the scene since he wasn’t the one who pulled over McClain.
The latest arrest isn’t so serious as dumbfounding, but the fact that Rolando McClain has run-into off-field issues, twice with the police, is bound to draw the league’s attention.
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