Ronaldo McClain arrested third time by Decatur Police

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Ronaldo McClain’s sour relationship with hometown police continued over the weekend after he was arrested for the third time in Decatur, Ala., a police press release confirmed on Monday.
The police responded to a call about a disturbance at Pines Park on Sunday evening. When they arrived at the scene to disperse the crowd and get the situation under control, Ronaldo McClain refused to heed the police’s orders to the leave the area while allegedly cursing at the officers.
According to the police report, Ronaldo McClain twice ignored police orders to stop walking, saying, “You told me to walk, and I'm walking." Witnesses claim when the officer tried to grab Ronaldo McClain’s arm to take him under arrest, he yelled, “[Expletive] the police.”
"The man yanked his arms away from the officers as other individuals in his group moved in and tried to prevent the officers from arresting him,” Lt. John Crouch of the Decatur Police Department said in the release. “At this point, the officers recognized the man as Rolando McClain.”
"McClain continued to struggle with the officers as the officers had to contend with his friends as well as him,” continued the release. “Members of the crowd stepped forward and tried to get McClain and his friends to calm down and let the police do their job."
Ronaldo McClain twice pulled his arm away from the arresting officers while being handcuffed, during which one of them suffered a minor cut, the police report said. He was finally taken in by the police, and charged with disorderly conduct as well as resisting arrest. Ronaldo McClain was released from police custody after posting a $1,000 bond.
However, Ronaldo McClain was already out on a bond following his arrest in January for providing the police with a false name after he was pulled over for a window-tint violation. The court date for chargers emerging from the traffic stop is set at May 7. Prosecutors could have Ronaldo McClain’s previous bond revoked and thus have him held until that date.
Last year, a misdemeanor assault case against Ronaldo McClain in Decatur was dismissed after the alleged victim, a former high school friend of the linebacker reached a financial settlement.
The arrest is the latest in a series of off-field incidents that already resulted in Ronaldo McClain’s’ release by the Oakland Raiders this offseason. The Baltimore Ravens gave the former eight-overall pick a second chance by signing Ronaldo McClain to a one-year contract earlier this month. Since it is a low-risk, non-guaranteed $700,000 deal, recent events put a big question mark on Ronaldo McClain’s status with the Baltimore Ravens.
Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome downplayed the addition of Ronaldo McClain last week, saying that he was getting "getting an opportunity to come and make our 53-man squad. That's it."
“As for how he is going to conduct himself here, he is coming here just to be a part of this football team,” said Ronaldo McClain.  “I think the guys in the locker room will be able to provide him with the proper guidance that he needs as to the way (Baltimore Ravens coach) John (Harbaugh) wants his football team and his football players to be."
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