Rooney needs to forward transfer application formally: Manchester United

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Blog Photo - Rooney needs to forward transfer application formally: Manchester United
Wayne Rooney has been directed by the Premier League champions to put forward a formal transfer application if he desires to quit Manchester United. After Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Rooney has been reluctant to stay at the club and has already forwarded a second application for transfer just a few days after the previous manager left. David Moyes and Rooney already have had friction in the past when he was sold to Manchester United By him after a locker room argument.

Manchester United confirmed the rumors that Wayne Rooney wished to shift from the club but are trying all they have to find mutual grounds on which he will be satisfied at the club. David Moyes is at the foremost of efforts to convince Rooney to stay but his history with the legendary forward is not good. His attempts at reconciliation have been met with a cold shoulder so far.

The new manager and Rooney sat down for contract negotiations but the results were inconclusive and no deals were formulated or endorsed. This has further opened room for speculation that Wayne Rooney is unwilling to continue his career at Old Trafford.

Gerrad Pique, who has served four years alongside the Englishman at Old Trafford, has given his opinion to Barcelona that they should sign in Wayne Rooney. According to him, he would adjust really well there. Gerrad Pique states that Rooney’s skill and determination are enough to elevate him to the status of the most elite players internationally. His versatility to switch positions, honed skills and excelling performance are factors that bear a testament that Rooney will be a valuable addition to any team.

If Rooney chooses to departure at such a critical phase when the legendary Ferguson has retired and David Moyes has just stepped in, it will be a heavy loss for the new manager, a bad start for his career and a blow to the morale of Manchester United. Most importantly, the club will lose a key forward position player of the highest class. Rooney has a high status back home and is accepted as the best football player of his country.

Arsenal has shown keen interest in Rooney and the manager Arsene Wenger has cited that funds for signing will not be a problem. Others such as Saint-Germain and Chelsea have their eyes on him as well. Chelsea is closely following the promising prospect the manager Jose Mourinho is more than willing to shell out big money for the Englishman as he is partial to Rooney. 
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