Rooney rubbishes Fergusonís fitness-related performance issues

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Blog Photo - Rooney rubbishes Fergusonís fitness-related performance issues
Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has rubbished claims from Sir Alex Ferguson over his fitness levels last season. The former Manchester United manager claims Rooney was unable to strike his best form last season because he wasn’t fully fit.
The legendary Old Trafford boss has criticized Rooney over his fitness in his latest book. Ferguson claims Rooney’s lack of form was usually because of an injury. Ferguson’s successor David Moyes has been unable to corroborate if any such issues exit with Rooney.
England coach Roy Hodgson has also applauded Rooney’s ability to give his best under every condition. The England boss also praised Rooney’s fighting spirit and fitness level. Rooney has netted nine goals for club and country so far this season.
Ferguson, who bought Rooney from Everton in 2004 for £25.6 million, suggests that the 28-year-old forward’s performance levels decrease drastically during the last stage of the game. Ferguson explained that Rooney struggled during the full 90 minutes of a game mostly because of his health.
“Rooney has great qualities about him but they could be swallowed up by a lack of fitness,” Ferguson said.
Rooney struggled with his form last season because of which he was dropped from Manchester United’s squad in the second-leg of the Champions League loss to Real Madrid. Soon after the season came to an end, Ferguson announced Rooney had handed in his transfer request, although Rooney denies any such development.
Reportedly, Rooney was interested in moving to Chelsea during summer transfer window. Rooney, who is in hot form this season has hit back at Ferguson for suggesting his inability to perform at high levels.
“My fitness levels are the same as last season -- I've got the stats, so I know,” Rooney said. “Every footballer gets stats from each training session and game -- and I go through them every day. It's the same system with England.
“It's something which you can monitor in terms of how much work you're doing and sometimes you do need a bit of a rest, so that's what we do. And mine are the same stats as last season -- but obviously it's been noticed this season, that's all.
“Towards the end of the season, you'll maybe do less training sessions. It's a common thing that players have an extra day recovery, so you might do that to get the best out of yourself in games.”
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