Roy Hibbert ejected after Pacers-Warriors scuffle

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Roy Hibbert was ejected from Tuesday’s game after a scuffle shoving match between the Indiana Pacers bigman and Warriors’ David Lee escalated into a brawl between the two teams.
With the Indiana Pacers at a 95-85 lead on the six minute mark in the fourth quarter, Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins fouled Indiana forward David West on a shot in the post. As the shot went up in the air, there was already some drama going on in the corner between Roy Hibbert and David Lee. The Indiana Pacers bigman David Lee initiated the contact by giving Roy Hibbert a two-handed shove. Roy Hibbert retaliated by giving David Lee a head shove after the whistle. Both players got into each other’s face and soon teammates who initially stepped in to separate the two got involved in the scuffle as well.
Golden State Warriors guard Jarrett Jack was the first to respond, but David Lee shoved him into Roy Hibbert after which the fight caught-in everyone on court. The 6-foot-3 Indiana Pacers Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry wrapped his arms around the 7-foot-2 Roy Hibbert, but the later easily shoo him off, tossing Curry across the floor. But Stephen Curry quickly recovered and jumped back up on Roy Hibbert.
Golden State Warriors assistant coach Michael Malone also attempted to break off the scuffle, but players from both teams were determined to take their pound of flesh.
The scuffle eventually spilled into the front rows of the stands, where it eventually ended after a lot of whistles were blown and everyone was sendoff to their respective benches.
Roy Hibbert was awarded two technical, ending his night after 13 points and 9 rebounds. David Lee, Stephen Curry and David West and Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson were also given technical for their troubles. Overall, each team was issued three technicals before the fouls were offset, and no additional free throws were taken as the regular game was resumed.
The Indiana Pacers ended up winning Tuesday’s game 108-97 against the Golden State Warriors at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
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