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Rugby Player Had Tooth Stuck in His Head For More Than 3 Months And Didn't Notice

7/17/07 in Rugby Union   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

This much is obvious -- Vince Carter wouldn't last a minute during a rugby match.

RUGBY league prop Ben Czislowski ran around for 15 weeks without knowing an opponent's tooth was buried in his forehead. Ben Czislowski had a clash of heads with Tweed Heads forward Matt Austin during a Queensland Cup game on April 1. He had the wound stitched up but was wondering why he felt lethargic, had an eye infection and had shooting pains in his head ever since.

And why was the indestructible Czislowski hurting? Because he had an opponent's TOOTH stuck in his forehead. A Tooth. I don't know whether to call this badass or dumbass?

Next time I complain about headache I may reconsider.

Source: (AU News) via (Awful Announcing)
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10/11/07   |   geomon25

Badass!!! Keep going until you can't take it anymore.  If you can do that you have to be a badass.

8/19/07   |   Poli_   |   93 respect

I wonder if the other bloke noticed his tooth was missing? Probably when he went to open up a bottle of XXXX

7/17/07   |   Eric   |   239 respect

I'd call it both