Ryan Braun, MLB Blunders, Steroids; Saturday Morning Has Just Been Blown Out Of Proportion!

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Saturday morning has been one of the saddest days for the baseball after the MLB, much to the shock of the whole baseball community, announced that the 2011 National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun had tested positive for PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) back in October. Wait. When? October?! This is almost a month before the announcement for the MVP was made. MLB has made a blunder here and owes an apology to all the voters, the runners up Matt Kemp and the fans as a whole.

Why was a person who had been tested positive for performance enhancing drugs even voted on for the MVP? The MLB should have informed the voters of this situation so that they would have voted differently and such a controversy wouldn’t have arisen in the first place. And by controversy I mean the very fact that a player who will potentially be suspended for 50 games has been voted as the MVP and has raised the issue of whether he should be stripped of the award or not.

Braun thinks it is all bullshit as he responded to the result in just two words, “It’s BS” he said. But Braun’s reputation has already been cast into severe doubt after the first positive result. Let’s hope for his sake this the unnaturally high level of testosterone in his body was caused by an over the counter substance but we cannot disregard the fact that in the eyes of the public Braun tested positive and no matter how many explanations he gives out to them, they will always cast a suspicious eye on him and Braun will never receive the same amount of respect that he used to. For all that we know Braun has been placed in the same category as Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez and many more.

Jim Neveau who writes for Yardbarker.com has called for a re-vote for the MVP. He said, “There is really no precedent for this type of occurrence in the baseball world, so the BBWAA will have a true dilemma at their hands. Truthfully there is only one right answer for the BBWAA to consider and that is to hold a re-vote on the award.” He also went on to say that Braun has no right whatsoever to keep that trophy in the cabinet of his and instead of awarding the trophy to the runners up, they should have the whole voting routine again.

The Owner and Chairman of the Brewers, Mark Attanasio issued a public statement in which he requested the fans to at least give Braun a chance to be heard. He rightfully commented on the mysterious circumstances regarding the initial findings and that a lot of things were unclear at the moment. He looks like a man genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of Braun and is right is asking the public to give Braun a chance to protest his innocence but who is going to listen to him. The public is quick to form opinions and are extremely unforgiving.

I’m not taking sides at the moment. What I merely imply is that we wait until an official announcement has been made and until Braun has been given his chance to clear this whole issue. If he is found guilty then I will be the first person to advocate the proposed ban for him. But in all this Ryan Braun scandal there is a burning question in my mind; do these performance enhancing drugs really work? And if they do and if Braun did take them, what propelled him to take this step towards self-destruction knowing full well the implications of being caught which in today’s sport is not a matter of if but when.

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