Ryan Braun is ruined

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Ryan Braun tested positive for synthetic testosterone during the Milwaukee Brewers playoff run in 2011.  Braun quickly appealed that positive test and him and his lawyers worked hard to attempt to clear Braun’s name and reputation.  Even though Braun’s 50 game suspension was overturned his reputation would remain tarnished to the fans and people who know the game best.   Nobody really believed that Braun was innocent, we had heard it all before with McGuire, with Bonds, with Clemens- it was all just the same.
During the 2012 MLB season Braun was under baseball’s microscope as far as drug testing goes and intense scrutiny from fans at opposing ball parks.  How did he respond?  By simply hitting a career high 41 home runs and without the gargantuan bat of Prince Fielder providing him protection in the clean up spot.  Then, the 2012 offseason seemed to be going very quiet for Braun, leaving him to concentrate solely on the upcoming 2013 MLB season.  That was until the recent reports were leaked once again linking him to PED’s.

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