Ryan Briscoe wins in IRL's First Push to Pass Race

Ryan Briscoe Wins In IRL's First Push To Pass Race

8/1/09 in IndyCar   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

IndyCar is BACK and it is going to be better than ever.  The race at Kentucky just ended and it was a history maker.

The seventh closest finish in IRL history at .0162 seconds separating first and second.

As our resident IRL expert, gearhead, told us earlier this week, IRL made a move to try to improve the quality of racing this year and it was a huge success.

With the set-up of the Indy cars this year, the racing hasn't been as competitive as the series really needs.  They implemented some changes for this race at Kentucky, one of which is the "Push to Pass" button.  The button on the steering wheel gives the car an extra boost of horsepower which lasts 12 seconds.  Each car is given 20 opportunities to use the button during the race and with a 10 second recharge in between uses meant the driver had to time his uses carefully.

Although Ryan Briscoe won the race, and took the points lead over his teammate, Scott Dixon, the racing throughout the race was close, exciting and heart pounding.  For a change, this NASCAR fan stayed glued to the IRL race, not changing to the Truck series race even once while the race was on.

Tony George, former president at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was in the Vision Racing pits for his driver, Ed Carpenter, who finished second.  Ed drove an incredible race and seemed poised to dethrone the powerhouse of Penske, even taking the lead several times in the last few laps, but Briscoe triumphed, with no shame at all to Carpenter.  Tony Kanaan, burned at Edmonton last weekend, finished third, with Helio Castroneves in fourth. 
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8/2/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

It was a heartbreak for Ed and Tony for sure, to be that close, and yet so far.  The drivers are "cautiously optimistic" that this is just what IRL needed.

8/2/09   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

That race was sorely needed. The changes IndyCar made worked. I was at a bar, so I didn't have sound. How was push-to-pass received by the drivers? Without that feedback, I still think taking the rear wicker out is what did it. Whatever the reason, this is why I love IndyCar. You can't get oval racing better than that.

I feel awful for Ed though. He drove a helluva race, and his crew kept up with the big boys when they needed to.

8/1/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

IndyCar is BACK!!!!!!