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Ryan Giggs hopes Great Britain at the Olympics will not be a one-off in future

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Blog Photo - Ryan Giggs hopes Great Britain at the Olympics will not be a one-off in future
Captain of Great Britain’s Olympic football team, Ryan Giggs is optimistic about the future of his team. Ryan Giggs is leading Great Britain’s first Olympic football team in 52 years. The Manchester United veteran hopes joining Great Britain together for football will not be a one-time-thing.
Ryan Giggs is among the five Wales internationals in Great Britain’s football team, although Wales Football Federation opposed to their players joining the combined side.
Great Britain hasn’t put together a football team in the Olympics since 1960, when the Olympics were held in Rome. Football federations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland feared they would lose their independence within FIFA if they agreed to a joint-team.
However, FIFA confirmed that the status of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland wouldn’t be affected if they joined hands with England to become one team under Great Britain. Well, to be honest Great Britain and patriotism had a big role to play in this too as the Olympics return to London for the first time since 1948.
Interestingly, there are no players from Scotland and Northern Ireland in Stuart Pearce’s 18-man squad for the 2012 London Olympics. The rest of the 13 players in the squad are from all over England. Ryan Giggs understands that there have been a lot of problems in getting a squad together for the 16-team football competition in Olympics, but the camaraderie between the Great Britain players will help achieve good results against all odds.
“The different FAs may have opposed it, but people who I have met face to face have been nothing but positive,” Ryan Giggs said in a news conference on Monday. “I am not a politician, but from what I have experienced, I just hope fellow British footballers can experience what I have.
“I hope it is not a one-off, based on what I have experienced and how much I have enjoyed it this week - I hope in future Olympics there will be more Great Britain teams. For me it was a chance I could not turn down ... playing in the biggest sporting event in the world.”
The 38-year-old attacking midfielder, Ryan Giggs will be participating in the first major international tournament of his life after spending most of his career winning all kinds of trophies and titles with Manchester United. 
Great Britain starts their journey at the 2012 London Olympics with a trip to Ryan Giggs’ Manchester United home Old Trafford on July 26. Great Britain will play against Senegal in their first match of the tournament.
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I don't understand why England cannot achieve a massive success in any big tournament, and it seems it will not come very soon. Soccer ball has been very difficult for them to control.