SF Giants' AT&T Park besieged by seagulls

San Francisco Giants have a "Flock of Seagulls" problem: bird poop and avian interference

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Blog Photo - SF Giants' AT&T Park besieged by seagullsThe San Francisco Giants' ballpark is having a problem that seems straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The birds are descending on AT&T Park, in ever greater and more unmanageable numbers. Stadium security are increasingly baffled by ever-growing numbers of seagulls showing up the ballpark, pooping on everything and interfering with the TV cameras' ability to capture the action on field.

I know, I hear you people saying "Just shoot them." But this is San Francisco, a haven for anti-gun sentiment and animal rights activism. You shoot one seagull on live television, and next thing you know the Occupy people are looting a Foot Locker like it was the night of the Oscar Grant verdict. (ALSO: Shooting seagulls is illegal under something called the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Who knew?)

The San Jose Mercury News reports on the SF Giants seagull problem, which stadium staff apparently feels is reaching unmanageable proportions. "Some nights hundreds land on the field, defecating on fans as they fly in and out," writes The Merc's Paul Rogers. "Late during a 16-inning game on July 8, so many swarmed the field they regularly flew in front of TV cameras, at times blocking the picture for viewers."

Blog Photo - SF Giants' AT&T Park besieged by seagullsThe birds are swarming AT&T Park for the delicious leftover food that fans leave behind. The Vine video from Comcast SportsNet's Brodie Brazil shows you just how bad the problem gets late in games, when seats empty and leftover chow is plentiful.

AT&T Park has ruled out (for now) the use of a trained falcon to intimidate and/or eat the seagulls. Trained falcons cost $8,000 per evening, and they would devour the little seagulls in front of children or on live TV. "It's delicate. You don't want to get to the point where you do anything that looks inhumane," said Jorge Costa, the Giants' manager of operations.

Of course, AT&T Park is also home to famously specialty culinary items like garlic fries, oysters and artisan sausages. I guess you could say the seagulls are "picky" eaters.
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