SF Giants: The Forgotten Favorite

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It seems every year over since the 2009 World Series banner was raised in New York, the San Francisco Giants have never been taken seriously. Then they won the damn thing in 2010 for the first time since the club relocated from New York in the late 50’s.
Then again, not one person picked the Giants to win the division. It ended up as a truth once the team’s Rookie sensation from the year prior went down in a horrific collision at the plate in extra innings against the Marlins. He was done for the year, yet the Giants made a legitimate push for the postseason without him – falling just short.
Blog Photo - SF Giants: The Forgotten Favorite The following season, the Giants, with a healthy Buster Posey and a revamped Pablo Sandoval, were set to lead the offense while their dependable pitching staff and bullpen continued their dominance. San Francisco went out and added Hunter Pence and Marco Scutaro at the trade deadline, which completely changed the top of their order behind leadoff hitter, Angel Pagan.
They won it again. In grand style as well, falling down 2-0 in the first series to Cincinnati and 3-1 in the next to St. Louis before sweeping the Detroit Tigers to take the series.
This season, it has been all about Tim Lincecum. Can he hold it together after his worst season in his career? He had a great postseason, but that was in limited innings and only one start. Can Barry Zito continue his string of success like last year? So far, the Giants are holding together quite nicely, even though their closer, Sergio Romo has struggled of late – the offense is there and the pitching will continue to get better.
Besides, the Giants lead the NL in batting average as of today. Not too shabby for a squad that has been knocked for their inept offense over the last four years.  Combine that with their eventually consistent pitching, this team is lethal.
At 23-15, first in the NL West fresh off a 3-1 series win over the Atlanta Braves, the Giants are beginning to show just how good they really are. They are a legitimate threat to hang three championship flags in the last four years. Better believe it. 
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