SF Giants have a living, breathing Rally Monkey

The San Francisco Giants have a real, live, actual Rally Monkey

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Blog Photo - SF Giants have a living, breathing Rally MonkeyBack in 2002, the San Francisco Giants lost the World Series -- arguably thanks to a popular little plush Los Angeles Angels good luck charm called the Rally Monkey. Ten years later, the Giants hope a Rally Monkey can turn the Series in their favor -- but this Rally Monkey is an actual, real live monkey, and this orange-colored baby monkey is red-hot when it comes to delivering good luck to the Giants.

Meet the latest addition to the San Francisco Zoo, the tiny Francois Langur monkey waving at you there to the right. This is no regular orange monkey. This orange monkey was born on October 7, when the Giants were down 0-2 to the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Division Series. Since the little critter's birth, the Giants have gone on a 7-3 run in the NL Playoffs and have stormed their way into the World Series. This monkey shines when it comes to delivering good luck to the hometown team.

The baby monkey has been deemed the San Francisco Giants' Rally Monkey, as she was born with orange fur and her birth coincided with a spurt of actual Giants rallies. "Things have turned literally since she's been born," a zoo spokesperson told the LA Times, "She seems to have her strongest powers when the Giants are behind."

Blog Photo - SF Giants have a living, breathing Rally MonkeyThe fact that this money was born with Giants-themed orange fur is not a freak of nature. All Francois Langur monkeys are born with orange fur, and their fur slowly turns black over time.

The little female baby monkey has not yet been named, and the zoo is having a contest to name her. The names "Scutaro" and "Posey" are currently winning. But the little lady has an orange mohawk, so maybe they should call her Sandoval.

According to the Sporting News, she will be given her name after Wednesday night's World Series Game 1.

Are you feeling a little bit monkeyed with, Angels fans, because another MLB team is using your Rally Monkey name and iconography? Tough luck. If you want to keep the Rally Monkey name, you have to regularly maintain the Rally Monkey web site.
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