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STOP THE PRESS.. this is sports related!

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Pedro Jaime Martínez  is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the New York Mets. He has won three Cy Young awards and is considered to be one of the top pitchers in baseball. At the time of his 200th win in April 2006, Martínez had the highest winning percentage of any 200-game winner. In 2007, he became the 15th pitcher to reach 3,000 career strikeouts.

Today, the Associated Press reported that a video was posted on Youtube showing Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal participating in cockfighting in the Dominican Republic. Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican Republic. The video has since been removed from the site.

Cockfighting may be legal and popular in the Dominican Republic, but it still doesn't make it right!

The combatants, known as gamecocks or cocks, are specially bred birds, conditioned for increased stamina and strength. The comb and wattle are cut off in order to meet show standards of the American Gamefowl Society and the Old English Game Club and to prevent freezing in colder climates. Cocks possess congenital aggression toward all males of the same species. Cocks are given the best of care until near the age of two years old. They are conditioned, much like professional athletes prior to events or shows. Wagers are often made on the outcome of the match. While not all fights are to the death, they may result in the death of both birds. Cockfighting, was at one time considered to be an accepted, traditional sporting event in the U.S. In many other areas around the world, cockfighting is still practiced as a mainstream event and is viewed as the national sport in some countries where it is Government controlled and a large amount of revenue for the state is raised.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Philippines, Peru, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands and Guam have well-established arenas with seats or bleachers for spectators surrounding the ring, similar to a wrestling or boxing arena, and fights may be held all throughout the day. In many countries, the spectacle of cockfighting draws whole families, and in some countries, cockfighting is as popular as baseball and football are in the U.S. Among the competitors who raise fighting cocks, there is great pride in the prowess of their birds and in winning a championship.

PETA members sent this letter to Martínez : Go cluck yourself!
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A lot of people are tired of hearing this but I don"t care The only thing left out of the story that would make it so similar to the sports we are witnessing is whether he shared steroids with the birds. Far fetched yes but possibly true, The statement not the birds actually taking steroids. They may have more sense.