Saints whistleblower explains why he did it

Saints whistleblower explains why he released audio tape

4/5/12 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Hours after the internet release of the incriminating Gregg Williams audio encouraging New Orleans Saints players to injure San Francisco 49ers players, the leaker has come forward to explain his motives.

In a massively long 5,700-word self-defense, documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon explains why he leaked his secret audio documenting the New Orleans Saints' bounty program. The tapes were leaked to Yahoo! Sports and then made public on the internet early Thursday morning.

The entire audio of Williams urging Saints to injure other players can be heard on a public Dropbox account.

In explaining why he did it, Pamphilon posted on the web site for his documentary "The United States of Football" of how Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams upset him by encouraging injuries. "Williams wasn’t considering the fact that many of those men have children and all of those men are somebody’s son," Pamphilon wrote. "It’s a cowards play to send someone off to do your malicious bidding.  I’m sure many of his players would have told him this if they weren’t scared to lose their jobs or look like b****** in front of their teammates."

I don't expect any of you to read the whole way through Mr. Pamphilon's incredibly lengthy account -- it would take you more than an hour. Let's just take a look at the key bullet points.
  • Sean Pamphilon is working on a documentary called "The United States of Football. Part of the documentary focuses on ex-Saint Steve Gleason, who now suffers from ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). The two guys have become close.
  • Pamphilon now gets extensive access in the Saints locker room, and the Saints generally like him.
  • He is also tight with retired ex-Saint Kyle Turley, who suffers from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.
  • He has lots and lots of Saints stories. He tells you all of them.
  • Pamphilon was invited to shoot some documentary footage at the Saints' playoff game in San Francisco this past January. The night before the game, he got audio of Williams speaking the incriminating words.
  • He said Williams never told him to turn the camera off, and he says he would have if asked.
  • He finds Williams' perspective cowardly, because Williams never played and does not appear to care about the players' families.
  • Pamphilon insists he would not have released the audio had the bounty scandal not already gone public.
  • He defends head coach Sean Payton, on the grounds that Williams had a total control clause in his contract. Pamphilon describes the slang name for this clause using a popular profanity.
  • He thinks Jonathan Vilma is innocent in this whole thing, and he thinks the same of accused ex-Saint Scott Fujita.
As far as Pamphilon and the Saints remaining such tight buddies, we'll see about that. Steve Gleason has said through a statement that he does not agree with the audio being released, and current Saint Malcolm Jenkins tweeted that Pamphilon is "a coward and should be ashamed". The tweet has since been deleted.
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4/7/12   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

The result of this will actually turn out right. However, this is about this guy's fifteen minutes of fame. The guy he got the tape from is being exploited enough, and voluntarily so, but to do this so he could take a crack at being known is absolutely slimy. The slug will get his 15 minutes, and that's all. He will be a footnote in history, and that's all. That's if he's lucky.

I think Goodell will now be swayed to drop the hammer harder on Loomis and Payton with the revelation of this tape, not ease up. If he wanted an out for Sean Payton, he just sacrificed it on the altar of his personal greed.

4/7/12   |   Scott   |   54600 respect

He defends head coach Sean Payton, on the grounds that Williams had a total control clause in his contract.

Ding, Ding, Ding...we have a winner.  Anybody else find it ironic that this tape was "leaked" the same day Payton and Mickey Loomis were in New York having their appeal heard by the NFL?  What better way to show the NFL that Williams was a rogue coach doing his own thing then by releasing this tape